I wanted to know from anyone what the demon Leviathan skills are and what can he do for a magician. Is he the spirit of power, wealth, health,etc. It seems from research that Leviathan is a water spirit but I haven’t found what he brings to do the table as a demon. Meaning his attributes. Levithan seems to be a very mysterious demon.

If I remember correctly, he’s considered a demon of faith, as well as a demon of envy, depending on which grimoire you’re reading.

According to Dukante’s hierarchy, he is one of the nine demonic divinities, and a water elemental. His gifts are less material, and instead he is thought to help with creativity and emotions, and called upon to consecrate holy water. He’s also petitioned for his wisdom, being thought of as a serpent. I have a prayer I’m particularly fond of that asks him to judge and punish one’s enemy by stripping away their spiritual protection.

Beyond that I haven’t found much about him outside of demonolatry.