Letting go spell?

So , after years of trying love spells and evocations, most of them succesfull, I have come to the conclusion that basically love magick is just not worth it . Why ? Because it backfires and bites you in the ass . So now, I want to reach out to you guys and ask you if you know any good unbinding spell, letting go spell. See, I find myself utterly in love with someone who is just not right for me , and my life has become a living nightmare . I keep getting these urges to summon Demons , Gods and all the Spirits , to “ make him love me “ , but experience has taught me better .


Lilith’s greatest gift from her palace in Gamaliel is pain, make it worth it, learn as much as you can from the experience and rejoice in the processes of your body, as being in love is just like being hungry or sleepy, it’s just a state of the body and nothing more.


It sounds like you are growing in your path.

You are doing evocations, uh?

I don’t have a spell xD I haven’t written many spells as it were, but I do have a suggestion.

You seem to focus on him, no matter what. Even in your post, you are like, I just gotta let go. I can’t think about him. My head is filled with thoughts, etc.

How about you meditate on it? Really get in there in your head. Take a fire bath (elementally -in the magical imagination of course). Meditate on him, and bring all those emotions to the surface. The love, the why, the how, the reasons and unreasons, everything about him. Feel the magic, feel the memories of the evocations you did for him, etc. All those energetic attachments.

Then tell them, “Thank you for teaching me, but its time to part ways. I have learned all I can, and no longer desire what I thought I desire.” or something along those lines.

If it helps you could summon a few spirits of your choice to help you cleanse yourself of these energtic and magical attachments. You could thank the spirits who helped you in these love matters, with the love spells, but tell them simply that you’ve come to the realization that you don’t need to love him, that it has effected your life, and its become a waking nightmare, etc. They will understand and most likely be glad that YOU are doing something about it. Yay for self empowerment?

Then draw down fire. Make it a cloak around you. Fire is the force of change and transformation, of creation and destruction in equal measure, call upon the element to help you preform a transfiguration. Feel it burn though the magic, the spells and ritual you used to bind him. Feel it release the energy, and feel the sheer weightlessness of unburdened mind from worry about these attachments. Let them go. It is OK, it is your will.

When you feel these attachments burn and the energy from them released, start to focus on other things. Use that fire to draw new energy into your life, spark new passions, reinvigorate a hobby or something you love doing. Ever want to learn something new? You could use fire to help you get the kick start in getting up and actually going out to learn it. Same with starting new paths. The point is to focus elsewhere, and be completely OK with the attachments being gone. So much so, look, you HAVE ALREADY moved onto other things. He is in the past, and was a valuable lesson in love magic.

See inside the fire, you doing you, being happy and smiling doing things you like to do.

You are so much more than this obsession.

You do you, and good luck.

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I can feel the pain with every fiber of my body . I guess thank you Lilith ( lol )

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Thank you so much for this superb post . I have performed some sort of letting go ritual in which i released the spirits from the previous pacts ( i have yet to release Sitri if I come to think about it ) , but it wasn t as complex as this fire ritual . I totally get what you are saying , can t wait to do it .( Fire, walk with me ) Good luck to you too in all your endeavours.

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You’re welcome.

I hope it helps.

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Update : So I did the meditation , and I was supposed to meet him on thursday but he texted me on wednesday saying he can t meet me coz he has some problems . I replied ok and never heard from him again. So like , it was the spells that were keeping him i guess . That is * ucked up . Now i kinda regret it but on the other hand , maybe it s for the best . Idk …


Forget that person😏


I know my own pain in this regard thats lasted for many years - its been an excruciating saga and i did my own things that werent worth it in the end - even if deserved, but i finally decided to do work to let it go. For me, im preparing the deep love for him as a gift to Hekate, to be granted to her on the next deipnon at the crossroads.

For me, because i also cherish my hair, i opted to start by cutting it - this may or may not be a good option for you. I played songs that reminded me of him, some of which he gave me saying they reminded him of me, then i began brushing my hair. i then began to tap that deep love i have for him, letting myself feel it fully, and imagined the current rising up into my hair through the threads to the tips. i then braided it. When i found a point i was comfortable cutting, i tied the end of the braid, as well as the section i planned to make my cut, and from there, i severed my hair and smoked it with incense. Over the last few days, i have spent the time to really feel my love for him deeply while holding the braid, i clasp it like in prayer. Ive felt Hekate soothing me, as if clasping my shoulders with her motherly energy, while i channel the love - and the associated pain with it - into the braid. if i cry, i wipe my tears with it, and in really focusing on this work, ive been able to reach deep into the complex of these feelings, which has brought more tears than ive had in sometime about it. The energetic change and shift has been very keenly felt - and on a magical progression note, ive found a stronger awareness and ability to feel the energy, that force of deep love surging through my spine and my heart and channeling through my shoulders, arms and hands into the braid. My intention is to continue doing this each day, with a focus on different memories good and bad each day, since both are apart of the experience, until the next deipnon, then ill offer it as a gift along with my other gifts to Hekate and let her have it.

Ive already felt a difference, i may start a journal to track the changes until the final offering time, but i felt compelled to share with you. Of all the things ive tried, whether letting go or not, this has been the most energetically effective that ive felt on a physical level. i dont know if cutting the hair is absolutely necessary- maybe other parts could be used like fingernails or i dont know - be creative, but for me, i strongly associate hair cutting with strong life changes, and my enduring love for him was no longer beneficial to me to hold onto (it hadnt been for a long time if im honest) - so snip!

anyway, i wish you only blessings and good luck, and im sorry for your pain.


Wow , interesting approach. I am sorry for your pain too, it seems intense. No one should suffer like that. I have a different approach though; have performed 2 letting go rituals by now, oddly enough there is a a sense of calm inside me. I did the one that @Ryce suggested basically. I just saw a picture of the guy and his woman on someone’s social media and threw up . But I am not as sad as I was before. Some things are just not meant to be. I will just do a meditation later tonight for general succes. I think it is more lucrative. He’s had enough of my attention and energy.


Black walnut baths are supposedly good.

I’ve been going through the same motions. I find reading helpful because it consumes the mind. Ive also lost my 1 year old son, been a rough couple of days. I find repeating things in my mind helping with the subconscious helpful also. Good luck.


I am so sorry to hear that! I hope all will be well for you!

hum ? what ?

Black walnut baths. To let go. Put black walnuts in a bath. It’s pretty simple

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Never heard of that before . Thanks .

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Simplest approach: find something else to love or interesting enough to do.
I’m assuming you’re already practicing meditation daily and being in the moment on a more-or-less continual basis.

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That is what I am trying to do . I want a new flame so badly to erase the memory of this one . I might even cast a spell for a new love .

Yeah the “new” anything is a better idea.

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I agree with @987ritual.

That is part of what my meditation was supposed to help you with, to get you to focus more on yourself and your hobbies than this guy. You’ve admitted to not wanting to give him any more of your time and energy, and being around him just makes you sick. Let it go and move on. Turn your attention, time, and life elsewhere. Disconnect from the situation.

Do some inner work, and stop looking around until your confident about yourself. Your state of being is just a reflection of the discord in your heart. Try to do some balancing. Maybe work with the elements a bit deeper. Balance out all that water energy in you.