Letting go of the past to move forward

I have recently been using tarot cards to get Lilith and Lucifer’s opinion on me. They have both said that I talk of doing something with no action, I live in the past and don’t look forward to the future and I’m financially broke. After I did the reading with them I asked my succubus to do the same thing with the tarot cards, I asked her what it is she thinks of how I’m doing and what I can do to fix my problems. She said that I have an upcoming idea but I lack direction or I’m distracted and there will be delays. I need to try one more time or I have a indecision, I’m aimlessly wondering. And the way to fix it was represented by the justice card upright.( I’m having trouble understanding this one) and the last card was four pentacles, I need to start saving and gain better security. I just need some help with figuring out my shit. I had a hard time getting out of the past and moving forward. I’m sick and tired of thinking about how I could have done something differently to change an outcome. I want to come to peace and move forward but I can’t get this shit out of my head. It causes me so much confusion on why I can’t move on. I need help with this, so I’m asking for any suggestions or solutions to fix this. I want to grow and expand but in my current state I have no way of doing so.


Use your intuition, maybe the answer is in the picture


What is the symbol of power

Anything you want it to be. In the article I think EA even says that. I think he uses a pentagram in the steps of the process, but you can use any symbol that holds meaning for you, like a cross, or a unicursal hexagram, for example.


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I’m done with this ritual to further fulfill my path to move on with what I need to do and to leave what has held me back.

I also have no path to go to, i struggle with myself sometimes. I myself am my own blockage.

Did the let go of the past ritual help

It did. I feel a lot better about things that have happened and now I have moved forward from the past. I would definitely recommend it to anyone especially if they have had a shit past like mine. I know this is a little off topic but I would say that it has also made me reflect on the past and see how it has affected the past me into becoming the present me. It helped me open up more of my feelings as well. I now can express my feelings without worry of being judged like I was in the past. If you feel like you want to do this ritual I recommend you put heart and intuition into it.

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Summon your anger and use it

Yes bro good to hear I have a past close to what hell feels like I’m gonna do it when it stops raining, always been my problem dwelling on the past living in a loop

Yea I would recommend this for you. It ended my loop and put me on a straight path.