Letter of intent

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. What do i put in the letter? How do i close the portal right after i’m done. I still live with my mom so she does have religious stuff in my house will the succubus get mad at me for it. What color of the candle should i use. I have never dated a human female and its obvious that i’m not meant to be with one. I’m sorta nervous that it might not be what i want.

Have you actually read the thread about the Letter of Intent ritual? It says right in the ritual that you burn the letter and that candle colour doesn’t matter.

You sound quite young, so this is a very dubious statement.

@DarkestKnight i’m 23. If thats answer your question. I never been on a date or a kiss, i’m not ugly, yes i did try to meet more people and getting out more but no success this letter of intent think been thinking about it for years.

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There are many people in your age group that haven’t dated, so it is just plain ridiculous to say that you’re “not meant to be with a human female” at 23. You’ve barely even explored the options available at that age.

Spirits are no substitute for human social and intimate interactions. I don’t care what others say. Spirits are not meant to be an escape from the physical, they are supposed to compliment it. Anything else is unhealthy and a psychological weakness.

Maybe you should work with Lilith on some self love to increase your own feelings of attractiveness, or another spirit of love like Tul or Lotir or Venus.


@DarkestKnight i had a feeling that you were gonna say Lilith’s name because i see that name everywhere. So yeah your right i should go to work with her.

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Hello Saber,
I do agree that you should open up a bit explore your options. Venus and Lilith can help with that. I would do as much research on the succubus and Lilith as you can.


Hey, Pheonix.

A word of advise: stop caring about getting a girl and you’ll get one. I’ve the feeling that that’s your problem. And I say it with all due respect.

You’re just 23. Explore the world and get some life experience before committing it to a spirit. Why? For reference and to learn the differences and point of views from another human to a spirit. They might share some psychological similarities as well as ethical and moral views, but the latter often has the advantages of wisdom, deeper commitment and patience.

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.”.

When you don’t care and bother too much, others might care and bother for you, because it gives them the impression of someone with confidence.

In the end, you do whatever you want to do with this, anyway. Some people, apparently, gets very angry and frustrated when given advises like this, because who are we to “make decisions” for them? :man_shrugging:


@succupedia i’ve had always wanted to build a relationship with a spirit. You are right i do need to explore the world. Maybe it isn’t the right time to get a succubus yet. I know that they can be emotional. I wanted to be friends with one at least.

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