Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

@succupedia what are your thoughts on Invoking a succubus to bond or to try to strengthen your bond with a succubus??. I’m intending on doing this because I believe I was shown to do this?

How horny do you want to be? If you form a bond esp one where you invoke or try to learn all about sucubi/incubi and maybe be one then you’ll know its pretty intense. I have a lot of empathy so I feel things deep at times (not always so good and that opens me up to toxins and attacks if I just am flat out careless — that’s usually almost always IRL people though and not spirits). Spirits of such a nature for me can turn me into a craving beast of pure obsession. They can flood my brain and body with the naturally produced chemical without toys, touching myself, or anything. Considering I enjoy it, this could happen at any time but usually when I’m dead tired and start to lay down. That’s when they turn it own. I’ve been dreaming of them a little more but only two. They appeared female but in the past I’ve know one that looked male so who knows. These ones are pranksters, coy, horny, and enjoy parties which is odd since I don’t partake. I can’t even remember the letter I had sent years ago.

Well I do a few things first.

  1. Ask Lilith to banish or remove any spirit entity that is not sent from her or from sisters
  2. Call on my succubus

You’re not gonna be able to feel her boobs for a long time , I’ve been with mine for 8 months that is literally the only thing I haven’t felt

Does it matter how long ago you’ve prepped the letter or do you have to write it on the spot?

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Welcome @Jimmy_Kudo Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

@Jimmy_Kudo you can all the time you need, what you have to do is think about this carefully and write what you want.

Thank you That’s a big help

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What do we mean by “other spirits”?

Let’s say I wanted a not-very-serious/friends-with-benefits relationship with an incubus in order to develop my astral senses/have a little fun/gain a new experience.

Will this close doors for me? Which doors? Is this the right place to even look? Give me your insight, please?

Other than what is already on said on the prep of letter section is there anything else I would have to write on the letter? I think I did ramble a little on mine :sweat_smile:

Would an incubus protect my home and daughter and guide me in any way I ask?

PM’s welcome as this is a private issue that I need guided on(due to marriage circumstances)

I agree. I would like this clarified as I eventually want to work with the gatekeepers.

Yes they can protect your home ans your family.


That is amazing. Thank you. Looks like I have some research to do. To make sure I do this good and proper

None, no one cares. I say just approach the situation focusing on the partner and your trust.

This comes from a lot of work with spirits, recently.

Sorry, I should elaborate. No one cares if you have a spirit partner. From my experience, it closes no doors. Only opens. But this does not mean it’s for everyone.

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Ok thank you.

Try to do research on the being so you have a better understanding.

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Reading on them now😊 thank you

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When i did mine i developed interest in succubi.

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