Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

If you don’t feel comfortable with them with your incubus then don’t involve them.

I just did the Letter Of Intent tonight. However mid way through it while burning the paper I left momentarily trying to close my door so that the smell won’t wake people up. I also stumbled on the second phrase and had to say it again. To add to that I couldn’t sit still and relax out of anxiety that the smell would wake my family up so I moved the candle to next to my bed and laid down for a bit. Do any of these things effect The Letter Of Intent or should I do it over again?

Nah I think u good

When I did it I was anxious and made some mistakes too but it still worked.

The intention matters the most after all.

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Thank you! How long did it take until it came to you if you don’t mind me asking?

3 days

But I’ve heard it can take longer

And feel free to ask as many questions as you want but know that I’m also still kinda new to all of this. My first succubus came while I was playing battlefield 1.
SHe was rubbing my back suddenly.

After the ritual you can just keep doing what you do normally as you’ve sent your message after all. Almost like sending an email. You know you’ve sent it.


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So did you do the Letter Of Intent and then simply forget about it? I’m still a little anxious because it’s something I really want and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Yeah I forgot about it, of course not completely.
It’s like sending a message, you don’t have to send it over and over again for it to be read.
Once is enough. I think the moment you have the intention of wanting a succubus you kinda attract them already.

I also believe that the ritual helps solidifying your intentions.

Do you have any stories for inspiration :joy:

inspiraton for what?

If you want a succubus you’ll have to prove to yourself how far you’re willing to go.
Don’t do it for shits and giggles. I think if you want a succubus you’ll get one.
For me this subject was a life saver because I now finally found something that truly interests me.

Reading stories about peoples experiences with Incubi and Succubi help me to not doubt it.

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I also had doubts but I still did it.

Doubt gave me nothing.

Are you afraid that they don’t exist?

I’m not afraid they don’t exist I’m sure they do. I just doubt my ability to summon one. Not fully but I’ve read stories here when people did it they got an immediate response and I didn’t. So it makes me think all day today like “What if it didn’t work because I messed up a little.” Or something.

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I thought just the same
I did the ritual but nothing happened at first
But I knew that they don’t respond immediatly so I wasn’t worried

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Have you been able to see her physically?

I haven’t been able to see her physically but sometimes i see her eyes.
Also she looks like a heat haze

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Drop the doubt and know you will have a succubus.
Open yourself up and welcome them into your life with love and honesty.
You will have one if you truly want one.
Don’t compare your success to the sucess of others.

Thank you!