Letter method ritual

Ok im sure you all probobly had this question asked a lot but i was wondering i have done the letter method to lillith about 2 years ago and havent got any results since then should i do it again?

Not familiar with that. What is the letter method?

@MikeSr Are sure that you have had no results, or is it possibly just that you are unable to feel or sense the succubus?

You might want to make a request in the “Power Sensing” thread, and ask for a scan to see if there are any spirits around you. Perhaps the succubus is there waiting for you to acknowledge her.

@Sheeanabrugh He is referring to this:

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Ok so what you are saying is i might not even posses the abilty to sense the spirit around me even though she might be there

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That’s possible, they seem to communicate by light touch if you can’t hear them. Have you ever experienced a mild breeze like someone blowing on your face during meditation? Or the feeling of a water drop rolling down your face? I ask because thats often times how mine communicates. Especially the dripping, she does that…a lot.


It is possible, yes.

Sensing a spirit is like building a muscle. You need to learn to extend the usual senses and develop the more subtle ones. It doesn’t just happen. You are, in essence, building a muscle that has atrophied through disuse, so chances are you do have the ability, but it just isn’t strong enough.

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No i never felt like anyone blowing in my face or water dripping down my face but when i meditate i would get myself in a state of non movement for like an hour while deep breathing holding and exhaling i do that for about 10-15 min then return to normal breathing. Now i would get occasional chills during the meditation state i feel like something tapping on my left theigh which i assume is just muscle spasm

Hey DarkestKnight i i looked at the power scanning threads and i am kinda lost on how someone can concentrate on me and is able to tell if i have any spirits around me. I know i must be coming off like a total noob but i am lol so sorry for all the obvious questions

Don’t worry about the how. It doesn’t take much to get a taste of your energy,

Oh ok then thank you what do i do just ask in one of the threads

Yes, just request a scan in the Power Sensing thread and ask someone if they can sense any spirits around you because you want to know if your request for a succubus worked.

Ok ty again

Please note that your request may not be fulfilled right away. I advise you not t be impatient. Someone is likely to respond within a short while, but it could take a few days.

I figured as much im just trying to figure out where i start my request on the power sensing thread lol

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I’m not sure what you mean. You just make a reply in the same way you do in this thread.

I found it im blind lol its 4am here so i past it like 3 times

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