Let's talk horsemen

Let’s talk omens and horsemen. Maybe you care not for biblical stuff, but let’s throw it around anyway.

Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.

Corona virus, world wide pandemic, many deaths.

War, riots amongst our neighbors.

China making moves against the world.

Not to mention the many unusual omens:
Have you heard numerous people saying they have weird dreams? Odd storm peculiarities, pecularities in general like murder hornets…? Nostradamus predicts a massive earthquake in America this month (could be wrong of course)

Lets discuss.

I don’t believe the world is ending , and I am unsure of the horsemen , some claim them to be actual entities , others claim to be various negative things symbolized


I’m definitely not concerned for the end, but a lot has happened this year it is an interesting thing to consider.

Have you noticed massive change? Or unusual scenarios? Throw them out here

Yeah strange things definitely are happening , things that have never happened before , but I’m only human , so honestly I don’t know everything , I can use my occult knowledge to try to understand what’s happening but I’ll never know everything

I think stuff like this happens a lot, actually.there might be something to say about the world “dying in installments”

Just a normal thing that millennials and Gen Z kids aren’t use to so it’s being perceived as something “more” than it is. The world has faced pandemics before and much worse.

the dreams are if anything possibly just their mind overthinking what’s going on.

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I do not believe it is the end as well. But looking back at some of my notes from college, a lot of what is going on has appeared during the decline and rise of civilizations in similiar fashions. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out as the years progress.

As far as the horsemen themselves, I am current working with them in ritual to better understand what they may be.


Its mentioned on the red book of arbin,? I tnk. Is spirus. But another say tey have more names depende culture. Besides bible, its not much knw of them. I have wprked whit them. And it was gpod.

It’s a coincidence.

Honestly, I think the Book of Revelation is a metaphor for the downfall of the Roman Empire, which ruled over Israel.

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The 4 horsemens of the apocalypse its in amazon just get the kindle unlimited., bcse the buy is $50. And red book of arpin. Have them on diferent magick rituals. I have only see a spell of them to kill someone. And its long .,

Has there been a time where conquest, war, famine, and death hasn’t been happening somewhere in the world?

As for earthquakes, I thought the major one is happening early July?

Things like this have happened before, the black plague, when people were seeing a grim reaper type figure when it first began spreading, Spanish flu, etc…not to mention smallpox. It’s always strange when there’s major upheaval like this, but the world didn’t end then, I doubt it will soon. People have been predicting the end for hundreds of years, such as it ending in 1999, and many other times.

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The Beatles were the four horsemen lol, and they’ve disbanded, no need to worry.