Let's talk about the Freemasons

So, I have recently been given the opportunity to go to a Freemason Lodge meeting. I have no idea about their practices, ideologies (other than those listed on their various websites and what I have been told word of mouth).

However, I have read/watched whistleblower videos countless times about the Freemasons doing some extremely dark sacrificial magick, which with taking into consideration the fact that alot of it is about the Temple of Solomon (which would tell me, that it has something eventually down the line of the 33 degrees to be involved with the Goetia?).

So let’s talk about it

  • Are you a member?

  • Is there anything to gain from joining?

  • Do you know any members?

Any insight would be helpful.


i had 2 teachers who where masons and there are 3 statues in the rock island memorial park there is a meeting place by the rock river in Milan just by the back canals

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