Lets talk about fundamentals

Having looked through some of the Q&A threads and New Magicians Help, I question if we dont need to open some discussion about fundamental skills of magick.

I cant help but feel that basic skills like energy perception and manipulation, aura perception and good use of Theta/Gamma are holding some people back. Even if they dont know it.

When i first got into magick i noticed that books on the subject were sorely lacking on these things. they would tell you what to do, but offered nothing on HOW to do it. I feel like those who are insistent that one needs a mentor to begin their journey into magick are so because books just dont cover these things. (Although the meditation at the end of “The First Knowledge Lecture” in Regardie’s “Golden Dawn” is pretty kick ass.)

This more then anything was what drew me to Eric’s work. He had put into very clear terms things that i had to figure out on my own, as well as clearing up some things that i was lucky enough to be taught.

So there you have it. I am officially opening this thread to discuss those basic skills that the solo magician might have trouble grasping or mastering.

I can appreciate this, I know I wrote some posts in the past, as did others, that have drifted in to the past...  and the question is asked again..   (when forum first opened.. then a later wave/tide shift..  and then end of last yr...  -sort of surges of interest arise on the forum, and then it fades...)  -it seems writings get lost in the passing of time, and they aren't stored anywhere.   -and not taken as a common-basis, by the existing group that does continue to return to the forum, as well as by those that newly join- approach...

 <<   I would think hope that the test ('reality check' with the great implications in that language-metaphor) is what is Actually Working?  >>

some interesting aspects buried/embedded in other questions- like this thread started:

-one concern I’d have, as I agree that most books don’t seem to include the fundamentals (which I’d say aren’t what they “seem to be”)… and yet the assumption is that fundamental-foundation are: and then drills are listed, from books…
(thus the “quarter rituals” <what are they really doing? what skill developed?> the MiddlePillar ritual- which is in most books- so are the fundamentals avail everywhere, or not? if they aren’t— then what is all around/repeated may not be “it”…)

What results are achieved?, how is “doing XYZ” contributing? (actually, not assumed… “everybody knows”)…
(and nothing is precisely as it seems… I’d argue that Doing a certain Exercise… in your “WorkingSpace” ~temple… means that Entities “may” be visiting, watching… and they are checking- is this person going to StickWithIt? Doing XYZ over time, shows that you have followthruit-ness… and maybe that is the real development?

-and if they are proper Skills, not designed to mess you up- they will Force your System to ReBalance over-time..    to the degree your System (in you, and in your WorkingSpace) is UnBalanced, that call-toyou either nothing (and shuts you down), or draws to you- Unbalanced/non-effective... but as you are more "Balanced" (in you, and in your WorkingSpace) such Beings are not in your world, and you aren't in theirs- and you shine a light that draws attn from those that could Help and ClearlyDistinctly will make an Impact -Noticable
[what being Balanced, vs unbalanced, means is a foundational-fundamental or should-be] 

-if you only have Contacts that feed on your Energy, and have as many ReSources and low Power to make change in the World&yourCon… as you do…
if you Seek to plug in to a Guide, as well as Connect with “Mover-Shakers” (whether physical-people, or Non-Phy InnerContacts, Entities/Forces) -that isn’t just wave your hand… how make Contact, "get introduced"vouched… ProveYourSelf… yes all that applies, even in the “Ritual” Environ (if not more so, just not exactly the same context as in the outer world)…

More than recipe- it appears even further back to the drawing-board… I would recommend purusing the below…


Blog that has a Five Part study (first link), and (second link) trip-trap
[url=http://www.theomagica.com/blog/in-search-of-a-holy-magic-part-1]http://www.theomagica.com/blog/in-search-of-a-holy-magic-part-1[/url] (also part2, part3, part4, and part5)

This last one is a video- not sure how long will be up, context in regards to development, as well as why- what else it does… (perhaps worth more than a quick listen, as “keys” in it)

luck to the seekers

I’m open to ideas for compiling the best stuff from this forum and the BALG site, and having it in a stickied thread, and/or edited into the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials - I PM a link to that and other helpful stuff to new members when they’ve posted in the Intros thread, so hopefully it avoids the famous “sticky thread blindess” :o) which is a real thing, where people tune out pinned threads at the top of forums, just like we mostly tune out banner ads.

PM me with ideas for this this week, because I agree good content vanishes quickly from the first page of posts and not everyone has the time/mindset to dig through archived posts. This invitation to PM me about this extends to new members, even if you’ve not posted yet, and aren’t sure if you ever want to, by the way.

I’ll sift through any suggestions and see about getting some good stuff that meets these needs pinned or edited in next weekend, to give everyone time to see this and suggest their faves.

Meanwhile, to newer members and people who maybe don’t feel too confident about posting yet, if in doubt, post anyway, IMO it’s better to repeat the same info a few times than risk having someone feel unwelcome and like their voice isn’t valued or their questions not important. :slight_smile:

The only Rules on here are regarding simple courtesy, and not using the forum as a billboard, plus keeping things useable, and unlike some other forums there’s no automatic status attached to long-standing members, nor any expectation that new members will be quiet like schoolchildren, until they’ve read every last archived post. I dislike that kind of thing, and I think it makes for an unfriendly atmosphere.

The Search function’s great, but sometimes you won’t find exactly what you need, so if in doubt, ask - this subforum is called New Magician Help for a reason! :slight_smile:

Post away, and know that you’re heard, valued, and that those of us who care about magick being open will reply when possible, and be as helpful as we can.