Lets sit and have a smoke

I’m not sure where this would fall in a category, but ill tell the story as it goes. I was having a rough day at work, woke up late, irritated, cooking food when i barely have enough money to buy my own. So instead of getting worse, I decided to read what i could when i could, and it brought me back to Lucifer/the coyote trickster/teacher god (this is my interpretation to which each their own) so I decided to have a smoke break and draw on the cigarette the sigil to Lucifer, my own planetary symbols, as well as one to represent air and fire. Before I smoked, I sat in lotus position, said his enn while focusing on the cigarette asked him to join me, said I dont want much just some time to chat, to ask to be a better person in learning the lessons of this life. To be able to do good for myself and for those around me. I focused off into the tree line, and what I think was floating around me where specs of little white light. I felt better, more in control of my emotions and a strong compelling urge to do breath of fire whenever i had the chance to. Alot of my stress had gone away, and I could feel a natural presence with me, like a chance to do better today, and to try for more tomorrow to learn new lessons. Anybody ever try something like this? Just kinda curious


I actually smoke a cig, and offer one when i wish to communicate with an entity. I do this especially with new entities I encounter, regardless if their nature. It acts as a small offering, and the time frame for communication is implied (but can also be concretely defined by saying so).
I havent had an entity turn one down yet.

i find the act of smoking to be relaxing, and aids in communing


I don’t smoke but this was nice to hear I’m glad you were able to release stress and I hope all goes well with in the coming days please keep us updated


Would this work also with vaping? Specifically e-cig mods.

I dont think so. To each their own, but I know Native Americans have a long history of tobacco as an offering, and also of sharing it with those they wish to speak with.
Feel free to try it out and let us know

Started smoking just after learned how to jerk off :rofl: and very soon was having over almost 100 cigs/ beri ( do Google it, it’s elite stuff :joy: ) a day.

Don’t smoke, doesn’t matter how cool it may be, still paying the price for chewing tobacco.!

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I agree with that smoking is not cool, been a smoker for close to 15 years something that over time I wish to change about myself or keep just for ritual. Been considering various herbs instead, ones more associated with a trance or dream like state. I’m not sure with vaping, I guess if you made and consecrated the outer casing it might be okay, I’ve always been drawn to combustion though and ritual fire so that be part of the reason for me at least.

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Quick follow up on this thread, ive been continuing this practice, particularly when irritated at work, today however I was in a weird trance state a bit afterwards, body fully in complete physical memory mode, mind in deep focus, and it almost came out of nowhere, but a voice said nitika and lo and behold i had forgotten about the genus of wealth. So i think with that it may have been a nudge from lucifer light bearer to get me away from working there. Going to buy the cashbook on the next paycheck and start working it.

Todays lesson was chakral work

Did this today at work and then just lost myself in personal thought and awaken trances. Luckily very few came in to eat, so had time to try and reflect on it.


What I found works sometimes is if I’m outside for lunch and vaping I can use the vape cloud as a skrying mirror if I trance myself out first before taking a drag. Doesn’t always work, depending on wind and too much noise, but cool trick and no one around will be the wiser

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Interesting, when it works do you notice a difference in the taste? Just assuming you use a flavored vapor, but does it loose any taste or gain a different one? Ive been noticing that mine lose that natural tobacco flavor, and more just like a dirt or earthy taste, almost like smoking clay.

Same here, in a trance state vape becomes flavorless in my experience. Not sure if that’s just because I’m so focused on other things or what, but I don’t typically taste it.

Very nice! This post has me asking myself (for the 4th time this week) why I ever quit smoking. It’s so luxuriously decadent when done in the right way isn’t it…