Let's show our ability by cursing

Hello Dark Legends,

With great hope, I reach out to everyone who is willing to join me in sending the most potent curse to a person who deserves nothing but pain, misery, chaos, mental breakdown, and of course most painful death. This person is a sexual abuser who drugs women and abuses sexually while they are not in their senses. It’s really shameful that monsters like these walk away free and get away with the power of money. He beats women, treats them like whores and leaves them after getting them addicted to drugs. I call upon each of you who is willing to take this moron down by sending curses from every corner of the world. I am happy to send you his personal details via private message.


Genuine question, why do you really care?

Are you a righteous individual?

Is this your envy manifest?

Has this individual harmed someone you place value upon?

I don’t know you.
I don’t know the target.
BALG is not your personal army
Hard no.


You do not need anyone else for this, you have everything it takes to annihilate this person.
Plus, good practice.


Thank you for your time. To answer your questions,

Why do you really care?
I care simply because if someone fucks with the family, you fight. I am not here to justify that the target in question deserves the most horrible punishment. Simply because, thats what anyone who loves someone would do if they had the ability. Unfortunately I do not have skills and I have chosen to walk on LHP as it is my only aim and mission. I don’t know if you have ever experienced loss of a close one who deserved to live life instead of dying young due to abuse from a single person.

Are you a righteous individual?
If my rage to cause most horrible punishment to my target due to the fact he killed my loved one, then the answer is yes.

Is this your envy manifest?
Absolutely. No other desires but rage and revenge.

Has this individual harmed someone you place value upon?
Killing an innocent woman whom I truly loved for the last 16 years and still love after her departure from this world is my “Someone”. She was the love of my life and only woman I could ever love. I do not want to forgive the target simply because there are curses for a reason. Isn’t?

Thank you for hearing my side of the story.

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Thank you. I agree with you completely.

I am walking this path and learning everyday as it is my only mission to punish. I don’t know how but I know I will. As tough as it gets, as difficult as it sounds, I want to walk on this path and get my revenge. Any pointers from you as where to start would be greatly appreciated. Thank you once again.

I understand your point of view completely. You have a choice and a will and respect your decision. Thank you for reading my post though. I am thankful to you.

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I’d say Goetia is a great way to start on this, and with that kind of hate, don’t aim to hex them to death, aim for maximum suffering without death. There’s a lot of creative ways you could cause this person suffering, and I feel that’s what Goetia is really great for. Look over every demons’ powers and you will come up with many ideas. 72 Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield is a great manual for Goetia, and very well respected here, I would really recommend it.

Thank you so much. I have got all the books from Gordon Winter field and have been practicing them from the last 4 months. I am still in the early stages of learning the black path and I know with consistency, I will get somewhere.

Thank you once again for your help.

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Then unsheathe your sword and commit to an action you never knew you were capable of.

there is no black path. Don’t judge magick. It’s all a tool on how you apply them. Others may see the 72 demons as dark , however, i see them as a tool. They fulfill different goals than demons. It’s like a hammer. you use it to nail things down. You don’t go use a sponge to nail a hammer. what i’m saying is that there are certain tools for certain jobs. Demons have certain jobs they are skillful at. they are not dark. same iwth angels, they have certain skills for certain job. what makes it dark is people judging it. don’t think of it as dark or white light. It may hinder your spell casting if you fall for the descriptive labels that are used by those using fear to scare you from using useful tools.

“Let’s”? Nah homie. How about you do this. The last time I did something in a group, I added so much power osmeone got killed. I ain’t on that shit no mo.