Lessons from Belial

Out of the numerous of times that I have summoned Belial, the two lessons for me personally that he wanted to instill in me the most were much more grounded in my mundane life.
They are the following:

  1. “In order to work with Belial, you will have to take the first steps to performing any action.”

Belial will only go as far as you are willing to go in any magickal working to transform the landscape of your physical reality. You must rise up, far beyond where ever it is that you are, and Belial is willing to meet you halfway. Get up off your ass and do it!

  1. “Be bold with who you are.”

Don’t be afraid with who you are. Be honest and bold with who you are. There may very well come a time much sooner than you would think that you will have to toss aside all of the lies. All of the bullshit, and accept yourself for who you are, and stand firm in who you are.

For myself, in the majority of my social groups that I am involved in, especially in the mundane, I am the only one who practices witchcraft. I am the only one who talks of “demons” in an intimate, kind way amongst my friends and family, who are of the traditional religious variety. It’s funny how when speaking of “demons” as it were, they will speak of it in biblical terms while I’ll speak of it from experience. That sort of talk can be off-putting for a lot of people.

Originally posted on my website, darkdeliberations.ca. Lessons from Belial – Dark Deliberations