Lesser keys


So i want to get myself a copy of the lesser keys and i noticed there are several authors who edited and rewrote it… was wondering which would be the best or if they arent that different. Thanks!


The different versions of the “Lesser Keys” are translations. The differences tend to very minor though, and are mainly in the choice of wording or point of view.

The most commonly used is that of MacGegor Mathers of the Golden Dawn. as it is widely available for free on the iinterwebs.

S. Connolly has a version of the Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Goetia, written from her point of view as a demonolator so it would have a more religious slant to it.

My advice is simply to go with the version that appeals to you the most.


Thank you! Thats pretty much what i had figured. Just wanted to make sure the edition i got was on point with lhp.