Lesser demons who are they?

Ok, so there’s the lists from the goetia, the dictionarie infernal has a good list, I’m looking to find more obscure lists of demons and spirits not so well known as the kings and presidents etc. Also any guides to djinn or other such encyclopedia demonica. Also if anyone has met new spirits along your path and are interested in adding them or contributing to the overall demonic phone book project.
Any of you that might also be interested in helping to create and maintain the demonic phone book feel free. It would be cool to have lists of demons that you can’t find on Google search so easily. Examples would be demons from other cultures or from historic events like the Bell Witch murder etc. Cheers!

Wikipedia has a list here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_theological_demons

In the Ancient Greek pantheon there are 20 primeval deities, 12 1st generation Titans, 21 2nd generation Titans, 12 major Gods and 45 Giants. Then there are around 600 deities of the underworld and the elements.
And a mind blowing number of the offsprings of all of the aforementioned.
All these are considered greater spirits preceding humans.

Lesser spirits are the deified mortals, concepts, local spirits, major thought forms. We’re looking into thousands, all documented.

That’s a phone book alright. :slight_smile:

To add. Demon is a confusing word/concept (at least for me because in the Greek language the etymology of the word is contrary to its use in Judeochristian religions).
Instead, cacodaemon (malevolent spirit) and eudaemon (benevolent spirit) makes a lot more sense when classifying spirits. In that regard I would consider Goetian demons eudaemon or neutral.
When people are discussing “demons” I’m never sure if they’re referring to evil or not evil spirits.

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Collecting all those spirit names will have you doing Cart Wheels for weeks/months on end =)

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Book of Abramelin provides an extensive list of inferior demons under the 4 crowned princes and subprinces.

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