Lerajae question thread

So I’m getting ready for an evocation with lerajae to push someone out of my life, I’m in the process of Prepatory immersion which I’m learning a lot about lerajae it seems he/she specializes in getting rid of that pain in the ass in your life or making them leave you alone…so along side with my prepatory immersion I thought I’d make a question thread for my journey in research… maybe as questions pop up I’ll ask them in this thread or maybe people in here will ask each other questions about Lerajae nonetheless I’ll end up learning more based off of other’s personal experiences with him/her which is why I made this thread…thanks

P.s to mods: If this is ok to do ofc :joy:if not and it gets removed no hard feelings :slightly_smiling_face:

P.s.s before anyone asks why I’m focusing on someone in my life he is emotionally abusive and somewhat physically abusive therefor could be an obstacle in my ascent as well as living with happiness and I don’t think anyone deserves to live with abuse.

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