Leon S. Gill

Hiii…there …
And i’m here to know about our Dark Lords
For my personal development
And my aim is my own personal developmenf by which i could help others too…in a hope that before I Die I may have role in evolution of Our Human Species…I want to Heal the World with my Own World too…


Welcome Leon, you heal the world by healing yourself through sufficient self-knowledge. All the best on your journey!

What is your magical experience? Are you a complete beginner?

PS: I have no “dark lords.” That’s nonsense.

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Well i’m not a complete Beginner …I know much about the Dark Magic…

So what do you practice?

Well…Right Now i’m struggling to contact Lord Lucifer

I’m practicing Astral Projection…

So what I’m getting is…when you say you “know much about dark magick,” you don’t actually have much, if any, practical experience.

Thank you.

I mean to say i have only theortical knowledge but never applied it practically…

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From my experience, Father Lucifer is not very fond of this situation: know much, do little. If he’s not appearing, it’s because he thinks you’re not ready. He has chided me many times to read less and do more. Wisdom stuck in the head is utterly useless.

Do more, put more of what you know into practice. He will appear when he thinks you’re ready. My experience is that he doesn’t appear unless someone is serious and has potential.

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