Lengthy vs Short Summary Request's to the Shem Angels

How long does the summary request need to be when doing rituals involving the shem angels? I’m using Damon’s Brands 72 Angels of Magick.

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A short and concise statement is always the best route to go. As Brand says in the book, “write down something that is clear, concise, and not too long.” A sentence is all you need.

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Yeah but the example he gives for becoming a successful writer was kinda long winded at least in my opinion and the opposite of short. It was very concise though and it clearly states his point and desire. If that’s typical of a standard request then I’ll have come up with that ahead of time.

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In the step 2 summary, Brand gives the example of “It is my will to become a wealthy and successful writer.” That’s pretty short and concise.

In step 3, you provide more detail, with emphasis on how you want to feel.

Yes but I’m talking about the example he gives on page 40 where he does say “It is my will to become a wealthy and successful writer” but then goes into great detail about what he wants the angel to do and how it will make him feel. Then he goes into great detail about why he wants this so badly and what he willing to do on his end. That’s what I’m asking about. Is that typical or would a simple “It is my will to XYZ” do as you said?

Yes, that is step 3.

After the opening call, in step 2, you formulate a simple statement that sums up what you want. In Brand’s example, that is “It is my will to become a wealthy and successful writer.” This is your intention for the ritual.

In step 3, you then expand on step 2, and add details. Again, in Brand’s example, “I ask that you go forth, and bring me money in the form of good fortune, that will give me the time to write freely and happily. I ask that you go forth and make all my books sell extremely well, bringing me wealth and success.” This is the main instruction to the angel.

Step 4, is where you then make a statement about where you are, and what it will feel like when the change you’re asking for occurs. This is where you give your reasons for your request, and where you transmute your emotions regarding it.

Step 5 is where you offer to do your part to make the change occur. This is, essentially, you making the agreement with the angel.

You can think of each step as a distinct part of your request. Brand recommends this process for best results, but he also says that the angels will listen if all you say is “help me out of my misery” so don’t overthink it.

Depending on whether your request is specific or general, it could be enough to simply say something like, “I ask that you bring me the money to pay my rent so I do not become homeless” for example.

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Looks like I’m gonna have to type this out ahead of time, no way I can come with this on the fly, alot to plan out here. Thanks for the help DK!

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

It does pay to take some time and really think about what you want, and how to say it, but don’t spend too long on it. Phrasing a request can be an art form in itself, but ultimately what really matters is getting the emotion across to the angel.

If you couldn’t already tell from my posts lol that’s not a issue for me. I can put words to thoughts and emotions quite eloquently granted I’m allowed the time to do it. This ritual statement is doable but I need time to think and feel it out. A hour before the ritual simply won’t do at least for me.

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What if what your asking for is something as simple as “I want to discover what I truly want or need out of life?” ? What could I offer to do to the angel on my part for something so intangible?

Some quiet time to yourself to allow any thoughts and subtle nudges to bubble up.

So promise the Angel that you will meditate on the revelations that they reveal to you in some way?

No, not meditate on the revelations, but to devote some time to allowing them to surface. If you’re asking the angel to reveal your inner desires to you, then doing your part means to spend some time each day in quiet contemplation to allow the intuitive flashes to rise to the surface of your mind. If you’re full of "busy-ness* you will often miss the subtle nudges so you need to get your mind out of the way.

Have you never sat quietly by yourself, not thinking of anything, but also not dreaming or tranced out?

Yes. When I’m about to go to bed or I’m about to take a nap or when I’m driving for long periods of time.

So if you ask an angel to help you discover what you truly want, then your part of the deal is to set aside some time to just be by yourself, to allow the angels to speak to you. Shut off the computer, ditch the cell phone, and take a walk in nature, or exercise, meditate, anything that quiets the inner chatter so you can listen to your internal self for the prompts of the angels.

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