Could it have been one of the abramelin magic squares? The uncorrected version shows up in the evocation video course. The corrected version goes like this:


Having said that, if he got C$1.2 million, I want his version of the square.
Also, he may have been hammered with a zillion PMs and decided to quit talking about it.


This does sound reasonable. After creating the SEQOR square, SEGILAH and a Jupiter sigil I immediately recieved a text message asking if I could find a buyer for a 16million picasso painting. My cut of the 16 mil would have been 1.12 mil. So, I did see IMMEDiATE results with my first serious money working. I found a buyer right away and we were in process of authenticating the piece.

Unfortunately at the end the painting turned out to be a forgery… I worked with a gallery in New York before so it was certainly possible for something like this could have come through and been real. I did sell one successfully a couple years ago. A pity it didn’t work out in the end. I’m not quite sure what I did wrong, but the amount of money “potentially” available after that working stunned me. I was at “0” at the time of the working.
A couple other much smaller opportunities did come through, but I will certainly reiterate this stuff is powerful.

I believe I did read that the SEQOR square is unlimited in the amount it can draw. And Segilah is for unearthing hidden treasure, so that makes sense. I feel I’m just missing one piece of the puzzle… But its close.


Next time a road opener ritual before hand may open more high yield oppurtunities.


Help me know more about road opener ritual. I feel I’d need it

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This is wonderful, can you give me divine tongues to invoke angel for wealth and power. Thanks

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:joy::joy::joy: well I’m not opposing you…but even Crowley the world foremost powerful magician… Died poor…even he could conjure anything from blue…

So money magic do exist but I don’t think it exist in this way…

But anyway… E.A can see this post I hope he can give us answers about this post you have made…of receiving 1.2 million Canadian dollar…daaamnnnnnn.!!!


yes i had an experience like that last year with Astaroth,Belial,Amaymon, lucifuge rofocale,beelzebub.i called them at the same time. I got money from nowhere more than hundreds thousands. I do believe that


Can i have sum

far as demonic spirt legions go I have experience with the legions of Azazel feeling an army of satyr gargoyle like demons surrounding me and protecting me…

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What is this SEQOR SQUARE, please?

Use the search function and look up “Abramelin Money Square.” There are many threads about it.

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Okay thanks…

Let me ask since I asked you the last time: Is Veve same as Sigil?


A veve is from Voudon and has to be drawn and consecrated in a certain way.

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Oh…okay. Thank you :pray:t5:

Which Legions do you guys call for bane magic?

Welcome @WooMagic. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

I think this is bs and just an advert to buy the books.

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Please share how you did the ritual

can you give us an update ? please!

What exactly did you do? You make it seem so simple and you were very vague. What did you do?