Legba Potay (rada) one of the most important loa in Haitian voodoo

Papa Legba is the Loa of the between two worlds, it is divided into several Legba whose main ones are Legba Potay, Legba Kafou, Legba Mait’bitation, Grand Chemin, Legba Nan-bayé. Legba Potay, is undoubtedly the most important Legba in the voodoo pantheon, he is the one who opens the portal to talk to the Lwas, he holds the key to the potomitan that allows the Loas to descend in ceremonies. Without Legba Potay, there is no communication with the other Lwas, so there is no overlap. All services must begin with the greeting we owe him, it is the most important Loa that allows communication with other Loas, according to an African legend Legba is the last son of Mawu. One day when Mawu was summoning all the Lwas, Legba arrived first, without gifts, and dressed with a simple feather. In the face of the provocation, his father sent him away. As a result, he went down to earth alone, without any specific instructions. He wandered and wandered the great roads, then as he spoke the language of the two worlds, he gave himself the task of being the messenger between the Lwas and humans.

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