Legal stuff not going well. Why do companies get away with it?

I’ve got a lawyer and fighting my employer who has stolen my wages. Enough $$ to warrant a lawyer to be involved.
My company wants to settle and admitted they were wrong, that they broke the law in every aspect. But refuse to pay me for the time I’ve worked.
I’ve asked Bune for help and the universe…but it seems at the moment, I’ll be lucky to get 1/2 of what I earned after lawyer fees. Because they refuse to pay that also.
How can employers get away with treating their employees like indenture servants and admittedly taking advantage of them?
I’m only familiar with curses and love magick, the money magick is very new to me.
Am I doing something wrong? I’m at the point where I want to curse the company to fail…but so many slaves like myself will become unemployed. I don’t want to hurt the innocent ones by cursing the company to fail.
Thoughts, opinions, guidance, deviation will be much appreciated.

It doesn’t sound like you need money magick, it sounds like you need some anti-authoritarian magick.

Your former employer is abusing their power. This is is a job for Belial.


They get away with it because they’re big, have deep pockets, and in some cases are politically connected as well.

And hell yes, call Belial. Call Lucifer too, since he’s not keen on this stuff either.


Another vote for Belial from me:


Belial for sure. He would be all you need. If you wanted to, you could also send Andromalius to help with the stolen money and punish the wicked for you too. I have seen him work very quickly with such issues

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I will look into Belial for sure. Thank you!!!

I should have thought out of the box more. Hopefully there is enough time for me to perform the petition before my case ends.

I was concerned because there is a part timer working 50 hours and they only paying her for 20 because her English isn’t great and she needed a job. I hope after my case is resolved, I could help the others.

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You are awesome for wanting to help the other employees too :clap::balance_scale:

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Even in this tough time, you are thinking and so considerate about other employees. Truly impressed with this quality of yours!
I dont have much advise to give you as I am myself fairly new…but sending you good vibes and hoping that you get all the money that the company owes you.

I hate greedy and corrupt companies and people. Kick their ass and make them pay you and everyone else the money they rightfully owe to everyone.

Then after you’ve done that, make their greedy asses be fired and replaced by people who won’t treat others like slaves and actually care about the people who work for them.

Researched Belial for two days straight. I read back on my journal from a month ago and noticed I jot down Belial’s name to learn more about. It was odd and out of place. Regardless…I performed the ritual to call on Belial. I didn’t make a big show of it. Oddly, I performed it sky clad, which I never do. Mid ritual, I got super lusty sweaty (?) hot.
Usually I’m cold and filled with emotions and hyper focused. But this time, I felt flustered, yet focused.
Not sure if it worked or if Belial showed up and accepted my petition. It’s one of those requests that I as a human, can’t see how logically my requests can be fulfilled. As someone who feels defeated by these corporations, I have doubts. I suppose that’s what makes us all believe in magick. The impossible happens.

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