Legal case ( Bank)

Hello All,

We are in some kind of mess now.
My husband was employed under someone 18years ago. That guy apparently was a crook and set up his business on my husbands name while he was the brains behind it. At that point of time, he had defaulted certain loans from bank. Then he shut his business and moved away. My husband too found another job and we were contented in our small world

Now after 18years, the banks are after my husband to repay the loans with interest. The amount is crazy, should be around USD 40000.

We are doomed and in tremendous stress. We will be speaking to the lawyers to get this resolved.

Any guidance and help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Belial’s been known to help with legal cases.


Try The Archangel Michael or any other spirit associated with justice or money


Update : I got a reading on this issue.

I have been told that the tarot reader felt a very negative energy in my space and that I need to banish. She mentioned that it could be a negative spirit as well. She saw a very mean face!

She has also asked me cleanse my 4th chakra.

Can someone pls let ne know and guide how do I banish these negative energy and cleanse my space.

Any guidance and support is highly appreciated.

Thank you