Left Hand Path terminology?

So I came to call Adversarial, Demonic, Left Hand Path spirituality home, after a long frustrating and confusing stint with the RHP, and some New Age (alien based theologies)

So how would you define/ redefine/ rearticulate some of these concepts that don’t seem to reflect much of the themes of Black Magic and tangibly acquired Godhood.

  1. Source: central, unifying common denominator between free, power hungry, individual consciousness

  2. Source Energy: the stuff that fills you up when you are happy, excited, driven, inspired,

  3. Higher Self: the highly specific and separate consciousness that both generated this physical experience ( our life/ body/ spacetime junction point) while still remaining much more expansive then this physical identity can contain.

  4. Prebirth contracts: agreements and/ or intentions your soul intended to explore in this physical body. (Like becoming a Magician and acquiring Godlike abilities)

  5. Advanced Alien Species: Consciousness that is physical ( like us) isn’t dead or existing in spirit BUT who is advanced enough to cultivate certain preferences amongst less evolved beings (at a distance or via travel). for their own gain, out of duty toward an ideal, or for physically specific purposes beyond our present comprehension.