Left Hand Path Society?

What would our society look like if we got rid of the monotheism and woo woo crap and LHP was the dominant belief system? What if most people practiced black magick of the LHP? What would this world look like?

Oh boy I have fun fantasising about this one. For one, I’d be hard pressed to call it black magick, to me, the phrase “black” magick and the association black has with evil is a RHP idea, without monotheism and RHPs around, I think it would just be magick, not black or white or any of that crap. We’d be much more advanced since we could blend technology and science with magick, and we’d be a much more spiritually awake society than we are now, if you ever watched the TV show “Legend of Korra” there’s a series where the the girl opens spirit portals and allows spirits and humans to live together in the mundane world -if you haven’t watched any of the Avatar series I’d highly recommend it. I like to think it’d be something like that, just not with spirits having physical bodies and what ever else they have in the show.

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Pretty much the same as now i think, but with a lot less cockroaches in it.

That would never happen simply due to human nature. Most people do not concern themselves with anything other than trivial hobbies and the tasks needed to keep life together like paying bills and working to make more money for more bills and keeping up with the Joneses. There’s people with living God in them and they are few and far between. The rest are just clever animals.