Leaving With Zazooka

I came with Archaelous and leaving with Zazooka.

I have tried my best to honor what this forum was meant to be. I’m not going waste my time going on a rant.

I’m not Left Path follower. I’m a dark sider. We are kin, but not the same.

I honestly don’t belong here. I personally feel like the whole demonic thing is quite limiting in scope.

I just wanted to share some stories, a tiny bit of my know how, and share a few laughs.

I have never saw Babylon as anything, really. These beings are more then just demons, but gods and aliens, and even at times humans. Sticking them in the demon box is far to limiting.

I have just sat with Babylon as she shown me her lifetimes of stories over the decades.

Their stories about them hold more power and wisdom then any spell or ritual book ever could.

I am honestly just a listener.

I might return if called back to this place.

May all you find dark blessings in hidden places on your Path.


See you when you return :slight_smile:

I will miss your posts for sure, but for now, dark blessings to you also.

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Same here always had good conversations.

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Have a sweet journey brother hope to see you again on here dark blessings to you as well

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I like you, Purple. I think you’re nuts, but I like you. I’ll miss you.