Leaving body Unintentionally - I thought I died

When addressing your questions, my first question would be what drugs do you take, how much do you take and how often?
As much as magic can produce some seriously weird stuff, it’s surprising what drug use can do when combined with a magical mind. I don’t mean to disparage your experience, just to stress the importance of drawing the line between the magic and the psychological. Just speaking as someone who knows a few dealers and regularly meets users: watch what it does to you.


I’ve only ever smoked weed. I haven’t had any in a while though. Last I would’ve had it would’ve been maybe before this past July or August? Damn its been a goood whiiiile. I usually just take a couple hits and I’m done. I love being high but its not an often thing.


How often did you smoke in the past ( sorry, the psychologist is coming out a tad here )

Pfft youre fine. I need a psychologist. You a professional? cuz I could be your charity probono case :slightly_smiling_face::joy:
When you say how much, do you mean quantity or frequency?
Quantity… its usually a couple puffs from a dab pen and I’m done. I dont like to get fucked up.
Frequency varies. Last summer when I didnt have any classes for two weeks I got high once a day. During the fall and winter its little to nothing. So far I havent smoked since this past summer.

Edit: I misread and just realized you said “how often”. Oops.

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Congratulations! Fantastic! Try massaging your third eye widdershins with heating lotion/cream (just above and in the middle of your physical eyes) before sleep. Make sure you don’t use much and make sure you don’t get it in your physical eyes or you’ll know about it.



I miss obe.

What would that do?

Yeah…they are pretty W I L D

Try it.


Hm. Wait and see. Alright I’ll try it.

Consider your physical and mental state before the OBE. OBEs can be caused by exhaustion and stress. A dream within a dream of seeing yourself perhaps not dead but sleeping on the couch indicates that you are not feeling stressed or bothered by the issues in your life that you need to address.

Since this is reoccurring your dreaming about what you’re not facing during the day. If we block something out of consciousness, it can appear in our dreams.

Recurring OBEs or vision seems to relate to a situation that you dont want to face, seeing yourself on the couch and being you viewing it a double wakeup call. The person in the bathrobe shaking you is a wake up call to face your fears or problems that need attention your not dealing with.

With your floating visions are usually positive in nature and symbolize independence, freedom, acceptance, happiness, satisfaction, and success.

Wish I knew what it was :woman_shrugging:
It doesnt bother me so much. Except for this last time. But I don’t think this kind of experience will be an often thing. And if it does end up being so and I can’t get back into my body… I’m haunting all your asses.

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This could be a vision that deals with your future and problems that may arise you should take seriously.


Hm. Could be? Consider me warned.

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Hiya OP! The thought that this could be a warning crossed my mind, too, but the whole blue sash golden tassel thing is pretty interesting. Is there anyone in your life nearing or excited for a graduation? Could be literal as in certification in something, and might be a reference point to them. IIRC certain gods of death are depicted with blue skin, and glowing golden skin in Egyptian mythology. It could’ve been an advisor from one of those spheres telling you to step up and start talking to them because of that event, but it could also just be another form of your Dweller on the Threshhold. Seeing as there was no direct hostilities that were mentioned, im starting to think this was more of a deliberate message. The graduating person may unexpectedly die of something, or you may need to start kicking your studies into gear to circumvent a preventable death. There’s a lot of ways it could fall out if you don’t, I’d think.

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Hmm… no I don’t know anyone that would be graduating from anything any time soon. It didn’t really seem like a graduation type of garment all, though i see how it could seem that way from my description.

What do you mean by this?

Hiya OP! The Dweller on the Threshhold is something that can be found in literature about astral travel, and kinda works like a ‘spiritual amygdala’. Everyone can have a different one, but some people can outsource the job to the same entity. They’re there to confirm your readiness or pull you back from astral mishaps. They’re a part of your astral body but aren’t your consciousness, it’s pretty neat! :slight_smile:


Super interesting. Thanks!

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