Learning more about myself than ever before

In the reading of the Book of Thoth as of late, I have a made a few realizations about myself.

As I read, study, and practice, I have found that as I acquire more and more knowledge, I get this feeling…

It’s like, filling a hole inside myself, a really warm and fuzzy/tingly feeling. I can’t explain it, it’s even better than drugs I tell ya.

To quote my journal:

I have thus began a new chapter of self-exploration. I have learned that one of my greatest pleasures is learning, especially about things that incredibly fascinate me. For instance, every time I read more of the Book of Thoth and other occult books, I can feel a part of myself being.. filled? It is almost as if I am discovering myself (which according to occult principles, I am!) or filling a part of me which has waited all my life for this.

To word it simply there is a bliss and beauty to spiritual growth that is absolutely unmatched, and I have only just begun to scratch the surface! There are literally worlds of discovery before me! I am absolutely excited about my future!

Basically, spiritual realization & learning is the most incredibly blissful feeling I have ever known. I know in time I will be able to feel constant bliss, if desired, that would make any drugs seem like cheap substitutes lol