LDing/Astral for purely sexual encounters. guidance needed for transitioning

I have been doing erotic meditation with the help of binaural beats and able to go to trance/sp but hereafter i am having issues for which i need specific guidance.

  1. after 5 or 10 minutes into meditation i feel my hands tied and feel pressure over hands,shoulder and legs twirl and my back arches up. sometimes full body becomes numb,vibrational. rarely do i feel fear,i enjoy this state. is it sp ?
  2. in the above state my mind is awake and sometimes i even open my eyes. my heart starts beating super fast and i start getting burps many a times. at this stage many a times a thought kicks in that i might get a heart attack because of the extraordinary beating/pressure on heart and i stop at this point and i feel the vibrations/edging to stop and some essence of myself going inside me. is it normal?
  3. if i pass above state by focusing on breathing (very rarely) then i encounter two situations…a)floating inside my body especially my hands and mid section (may be astral projection route) and b)focusing on blackness inside closed eyes (sometimes normal focus and other times focus shifts to third eye) at times gives faint visuals and many a times without visual i start having feelings of real action as if i am in the scene with my eyes closed (opening of eyes takes away all this). which route to follow ?
  4. when in above situation having feelings of being in the scene with closed eyes, i start feeling a mist like thing enveloping me from my feet towards my head and as if i am being cocooned/wrapped inside that and i feel consciousness from my full body being pulled towards my brain. but at this stage i always fear and stop it.at the most this feeling of getting enveloped i could perform was till my chest and shoulders and beyond that i could not go. what is this state or feeling. is it normal or what lies next ?
  5. binaural beats which i listen to are purely sexual and i am interested in sexual exploration with otherworldy and other dimensional beings of all gender and types. i listen to files of the abysssarian, somnisonica and others.i read faustus crow’s articles. i do not want to perform any ritual and such stuff. but by a proper mix of these and other beats and some imagination i have been able to reach upto this stage.
    it is a request to all seniors to pl guide further and if any specific entity which i can imagine and meditate upon without any ritual for having sexual encounters and facilitating such encounters with other beings then it would be a great help.
    @Lady_Eva if possible please direct me.

I would love to but you have no idea the crazy demands on my time right now, I have to do something soon that’s really difficult and have magickal work, and other kinds, literally jam-packing so to give your reply the time it deserves is genuinely not possible for me right now.

Maybe @succupedia will be able to give his wisdom on this?


@Lady_Eva thanks for the prompt response. Still my request is that whenever you get time pl help me out…and if its not possible to reply in one go i would be happy to receive answers one by one over a period of time.

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In my experience, and opinion, it’s partial Sleep Paralysis. This is something I experience pretty much every night with my spirit spouses. The difference between my experience and yours, is that I don’t need to meditate to get into that state. My chakra is allready opened and my contact with my spirits has been established for many years.
So yes, this is, indeed, SLEEP PARALYSIS.

Are you sure it’s your own heartbeat? Have you ever thought of that heartbeat being external and belonging to someone else? In specific events, the heartbeat is a sign of affection from an external source and it’s easy to differentiate that from your own heart beating. If you ever feel a soft “balloony” pressure on your chest at the same time your heart start beating faster and harder, it’s external, hence the spirit is pressing it’s body against you. The other reason for your heart to beat faster is also because you’re focusing on your surrounding and being fully aware of what’s happening. Adrenalin rush, mixed with either fear or intimidation.

Burps and even farts is common for beginners at this stage, and maybe you even felt a “swirly” force on your stomach during your sleep paralysis sessions? Your physical body needs cleansing from time to time, so getting rid of bodily gasses is a part of that process. Sexual entities prefer cleansed astral bodies and good hygiene.

This is normal, so don’t worry.

The best route is keeping your eyes closed. It’s easier to connect when astral projecting. Because when closing your eyes, you are more focused of what’s going on.

That “cocoon” or “womb” will squeeze you out after a while. Did it feel like you were in water or in a watery “pulp” mass? Then I have to congratulate you of experience being reborn by a Goddess. There’s nothing to fear, and if you just let it run it’s course, it’s very comfortable.

Binaural beats isn’t my kind of thing. I tried it a few times. It disturbs my connection with my spirits.


@succupedia … namaste from india and many thanks for the considered reply.[quote=“succupedia, post:4, topic:18286”]
In my experience, and opinion, it’s partial Sleep Paralysis. This is something I experience pretty much every night with my spirit spouses. The difference between my experience and yours, is that I don’t need to meditate to get into that state. My chakra is allready opened and my contact with my spirits has been established for many years.
So yes, this is, indeed, SLEEP PARALYSIS.

How to convert partial sp to full sp. And yes even.without beats i go into this stage many a times but with beats i remain more focused.wht r the additional traits to differentiate full sp from partial one and how to achieve this ?

Quite possible. I.will give attention to this aspect. However , sometimes this beat i feel in the middle of my chest and sometimes to the left where heart actually resides. I get confused how its beating in the middle of my lungs. Any specific way to diffrentiate the two heartbeats ?

Yes. Ballony pressure is there nt only on chest , but also on my lower stomach , waist and upper thighs as if someone putting weight gently on me…just softly touching. I usually lie down and cover myself by a very light blanket to enhance the experience. Sometimes i feel charged particles interacting between me and.the blanket…sometimes blanket rises and presses at some.specific places and other.times.it.feels as if.someone.is.lying over me and caressing me. My point is that this all goes on til i keep my eyes closed. I have never encountered that hypnagogic imagery etc. With eyes closed i feel this and i never experience that transition to astral or lucid state and thats my disappointment rather with closed eyes i feel , smell , and.sometimes very faint touch feeling from my side.is.also present.really confused if this happens with my physical body or with my.dream or.spirit body still inside physical one.

If.i.keep my eyes closed can.i.expect to.astral project and meet her? what abt those feelings of dying and extreme upward pull as if hands , legs etc.is being vaporised and pulled upwards and melting? should i let this.happen.because here only.i.always stop due.to.the lack.of.proper guidance.

What exactly happens during this sqeezing out and after that. Will i loose my consciousness or sleep and emerge somewhere else or my experience will enhance and.i.wud.still.feel lying at.the same.place.Yes i always feel as if floating on water…the expression watery pulp is more suited…its as if water is little thicker and soft spongy…i feel loved , caressed , relaxed and that sexual feeling starts engulfing me from all sides alongwith assurance…that mist has very little white light which is very soothing. I.couldnt get.that reborn by goddess.thing properly .pl explain.
I.know its long.request but i.hope u.would take.time.to.read and.answer.

This goes down to individuality. I find Binural Beats to be a good training wheel, so you can get a fell for how it is.

Personally, I don’t need it much more. Since I just learned how to put on good music to instead connect now.

The thing is… closing my eyes can be a “death” trap for me. I can quickly end up falling asleep. Any ideas on how I could handle this?

For me as long as i lie on my back i never fall asleep.however , intermittently i slip to sleep but in a snap i come out of it rather i feel as if someone shakes me to take me out of sleep.but whenever i lie on my sides i instantly fall asleep.

I never said it was bad or ineffective. I just don’t see a need to use it to get into a certain state to recognise energies and spirits, since I can do that without it. And some of the succubus binaural beats is just plain disturbing to listen to. Screams, laughter and dungeon-esque echoes with a dogmatic and Hellish theme just makes me wonder what audience it will attract. If that is a turn on for some people, then go ahead and have fun with it. But the aftermath of that kind of binaural beats could be a nightmare. At least for a beginner.


@succupedia awaiting your guidance regarding my querries.

Some of whom also have pornografic moans…

With partial sleep paralysis, it’s easier to get out of it and you remain in control and in a conscious, awake state. A full sleep paralysis happens in a deeper sleep state, which basically means you have to wake up at the time it happens. The more tired and physically exhausted you are, the easier it is to experience a full sleep paralysis. A visual manifestation from the spirit is more likely to happen at that state, too.

If the heartbeat is appearing with a physical barrier on your chest, the chance of it to be external and not your own is more likely so. You notice the difference when paying attention to it.

Your physical blanket never moves, though. The astral etheral copy of your blanket is moving, and that’s what you sense and feel. Textile from clothes, blankets and other materials we wear on our bodies is a good electrical conductor, and the low electrical resistance makes it perfect for spirits to physically interact with us. Of course you can sense this with your skin, but it feels a little less compared to wearing textile clothes.

Do you trust and have faith in the spirits approaching you this way? With these kind of experiences, you go upwards, downwards, sideways, walking up and down on circular steps. You feel heat and cold, and everything in between. They know exactly what they’re doing, so I suggest you let this happen.

You shouldn’t lose your consciousness at all. It basically enhance your experience and your awareness.

That watery pulp feel is similar to being in a womb, and it’s quite an intimate experience. And it’s very personal and hard to explain. I cannot explain how you feel, and what you sense during these similar experiences we share. That’s totally on yourself. The technical and mechanical aspect of energies and the physical manifestations of spirits is what I can explain to you. From my point of view, of course.

There you have it. :slight_smile:

It’s good to ask questions. But don’t let it take over your own curiosity of what you experience with spirits. Be brave enough to explore and learn on your own.


Will try to induce full sp. [quote=“succupedia, post:12, topic:18286”]
If the heartbeat is appearing with a physical barrier on your chest,

Yes it is. I always feel some barrier as if beat is passing through ribs and lungs. And as if heartbeat is coming from an oversized heart.

Totally surprised to know this.

Yes I have trust and faith because although I am novice and don’t know much about this stuff practically still except some occasions I have never felt any fear etc from them. Whatever fear I have is of my own,of my thoughts of being lost, losing consciousness or dying and never to return.but truly from the spirit side never ever I have felt uncomfortable rather it’s always very soothing. I have listened some beats which actually sound very disturbing and so called hellish and even then I feel good. Today afternoon while doing the same I suddenly felt heat whereas my AC was running at 18degree celsius.it has happened earlier too when suddenly I stop feeling fan and ac air and temperature and with slight light I feel warm.

I asked this in relation to full sp if I let things happen what may happen…when enveloping completes what exactly happens during this process and after that. Also during other times too I have this feeling of someone tickling my earlobes or running fingers on my back,chest or thighs or in my hair.

Yes I understand… exactly there is this womb like feeling. I am unaware of this concept of being reborn by goddess. Internet also dint help. I want to know about this concept.

Many thanks. Since I don’t have any guru, mentor I am left on my own. So there was noone to explain things.its like learning to sing without a teacher and audience. From your response and assurance now I will try to move further.

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