LBRP vs the Basic Calling as seen in Archangels of Magic by Damon Brand

Anyone here ever done both and has insights on differences between the two?

I’ve been doing lbrp for about a month and a half and am interested in switching to the basic/advanced calling as described in the Damon Brand book. Thoughts would be appreciated.


I have a few of Damond Brands books but I only with demons of magick and 72 angels of magick because if you are refering to the method in the Archangels of magick then Im sorry to say Im not familar with it.

When you call on the Archangels instead of doing the LBRP you dont get the same effects. You can call on the 4 Archangels to banish your ritual space and setup protection around you however it feels different the LBRP because you dont setup the kabbalistic cross and the blue pentagrams which give you access to a different type of power. The difference is the Archangels do all the work when you call them as oppose when doing the LBRP you are doing the work and the angels just assist you. I have done both but I didnt call on the Archangels like in Brands book because I dont owe that book as I stated earlier. I suggest you look into the sword banishing ritual in Damond Brand book magickal protection.

I like to use the sword banishing ritual in his magickal protection book as a substituion for the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. The sword banishing ritual is a lot easier to perform then the LBRP because it doesnt require you to move around and there are fewer steps to follow. Sword banishing is just as effective. The sword banishing ritual also calls on Angelic forces but not the Archangels but other lesser known angels.


Its been 2 years now, How is the sword banishing been working for you?
I ask because some reviews say they have had bad luck a few days after and a feeling of unease.
Thank You

I know that this is old, but i’d ask @ Darkest Knight. He has , if you haven’t seen a powerful mantra which he received from Raziel. In it t believe there were warnings in regards to esp. Parasites fighting the process. Hat could be why Some folks are feeling that “” so - called " bad luck after performing the sword banishing. Just a thought.


I use his Mantra for parasites. Its definitely an old thread thats why I quoted @chronoman442 2 years is plenty of time to have tested this long term any symptoms would have shown.

I have been working on reading all of darkest knight posts but its gonna take a while :smiley:

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I’ve been using it daily for months, and practiced it on and off since 2019 I believe. Never had any issues. It’s a great ritual with great spirits involved. Can be invaluable at times.

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this is not badluck. these spirits are amateurs and plenty of them - i can attest to two specifically that did this to me personally. they are generally speaking VERY young spirits with little to no real world experience doing spirit work. that bad feeling is one of them following you around trying to make you afraid or worried to get your attention.

one threatened to kill me, then apologized later, another tried to rape me while trying to get to sleep (unwanted sexual imagery and feelings – and ive banged several spirits before, its not weird to me i just dont like the bitch in question). i KNOW its them, im a pretty good medium and all my AA and demon friends confirm. banishing remove them for minutes, AAs pushed them out but they just come back.

do not let these beings work on you ever. they are hacks. use AAs or goetic demons if you dont have spirits you trust.