LBRP or Caim for meditation? or nothing

So I am trying to learn how to do the Middle Pillar meditation. One video shows someone doing the LBRP before the meditation. The guys video says it is necessary because the Middle Pillar meditation uses Divine Names and attracts energy and that energy attracts entities.

Another Middle Pillar video says nothing about the LBRP.

Lewellyn’s has a blog post on the Kabbalah Cross, the LBRP, and the Middle Pillar, and it sort of sounded like you needed to do all three of them. So one wasn’t really good enough on its own, you kinda needed all three for things to work smoothly.

All I am trying to do is learn to meditate and focus. Since the Middle Pillar seems to be the way for magicians to meditate, it seems like I should start learning it.

Do I need to do an LBRP or Caim banishing before and after the ritual?
Is the Caim as good as the LBRP, which one should I learn?

Yes, you can do the Middle Pillar without doing the LBRP. The Middle Pillar is an energy raising exercise. It’s purpose is to empower you for whatever ritual is ahead.

In the Golden Dawn Tradition, it is recommended to do the LBRP before and after every ritual, as it clears the space, and sets a boundary, allowing the energy to flow unhindered. However, if you are not following that tradition, you can do the Middle Pillar on its own.

I’ve never heard of the Caim banishing so I cannot speak of it’s efficacy, but there are many different banishing rituals available so you can pick and choose whatever best suits your tastes.

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