LBRP for those beginning

How to perform from eric himself.

Do this for 100 days once in the morning before you eat breakfast and once at least six hours after you eat your dinner before bed. Do nothing else, (no ritual work or spells) for the 100 days and then come back in here and tell us all about it.


if you don’t mind. can you tell me what would happen after that 100 days or what is being experienced within that 100 days? i’ve been doing the LBRP but not as consistent. i’m just curious as to what’ll happen within or after those 100 days.

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Years ago when I was working with two other Chaos Magicians we employed a Pentagram ritual using English language vowel sounds: A,E,I,O,U. Worked just fine.

I employ inverted pentagrams to drag the ‘divine’ down to Me! To make the ‘divine’ physical. Crowley employed inverted pentagrams for his own (Sun is the centre of the universe) reasons.