LBRP - Changing from the ground up

I’ve been doing the LBRP for a few months now and stuff in my life seems to happen by luck. Just the Earth Banishing Pentagram. Some aspects of my life have been doing well like my career, however, other aspects seem to be the same. I tend to do it at anytime during the daytime or nighttime. I can feel my ego fighting and more animalistic aspects come to the surface so something is happen. How in the Golden Dawn practice do you keep pushing. When will I raise above the 0=0 grade I feel like I’m spinning my wheel. The only real aspect that I’ve seen crazy improvement is my career. I’m a Sag maybe it has to do with my aspects in my natal chart ? I have practice the banishing hexagram with the planets I do know this is a higher form of the banishing instead of the pentagram with the different elements. My Saturn is aspected in Sagittarius along with my Sun and Moon.


Try to add IRP.
And hexagram. See how it goes.

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So currently, LBRP in a standard why is doing banishing pentagram from earth to the four cardinal directions. Counterclockwise “banishing” from E.

So if I step up to the LIRP, do I invoke each element and so further like the LBRP I upgrade to banishing each element.

The Hexagram is a bit easier cause I’ve modified it and stripped it down into a easy form so I can learn everything!

Interesting maybe I should thanks. Just looking for people’s experiences.


Nature eventually pours a vacuum. Invoke something after you banish. Whatever it is you invoke.
I mention the IBRP because you seem to be attuned to this particular frequency of magick.

Try this. LBRP. LBRH. LIRP… Ask the archangels favor and their blessings.
Just an idea tho


Try switching it up. Do the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram in the morning, and the Lesser Banishing at night.


Nature eventually pours a vacuum?

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I work shift work I could do that it just won’t be aligned to daytime or nighttime

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It doesn’t need to be. It only has to be aligned to your daytime and nighttime.

A better way of phrasing it would be do the Invoking upon awakening, and the Banishing before sleep.


Thx DarkestKnight and Empowered_Being!

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Is the LIRP suppose do be done before the sun begins to come over the horizon or right after?

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If I remember correctly, in the Golden Dawn it was originally supposed to be done at sunrise and then again at sunset, but that is hardly doable for most people in modern times.

If you were doing it at sunrise, you would begin the Kabbalistic Cross as the sun starts to peek over the horizon, and the sky lightens.


VR helps immensely !

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After few months of banishing it is important to start invoking too. D. Echols suggest to do invoking pentagrams in the morning and banishing in the evening.

When things comes to your conscious it is ok as they have to show up before integration. Just avoid obsessions. Also banishings itself are just a part of GD’s elemental works. Meditation with proper elemental archangel and assumption of god with invocation of supreme being are equally important.

This is what gives you a push you look for. You need to balance not only through exorcising parts of your psyche but also through empowerment the parts that were hidden so far and all those invocation will bring you help.

For more information I suggest works of D. Echols, C & T Cicero or N. Farell AND of course BIG BLACK by Israel Regardie


That’s really good information. I’ve heard of them. D. Echols is on patreon! The Middle Pillar is also of interest to me as well!

So in my daily exercise it goes LBRP, LBIP, BH MP i.e. mediation, LBRP