Layers of perception on the astral?

So anyway there’s an indevidual who is the subject of a secret occult experiment I’m doing (I won’t say what it is because it’s a secret). But for some reason I’ve been having trouble projecting over to them as I wanted to personally check on whats going on with this indevidual on the astral. So I decided that if I couldn’t go to the mountain, I would bring the mountain to me.

I sent a mental command to two powerful entities I am working with to bring this person to me after I projected today. Whenever I met these two on the astral there was a very noticible shift in the energy due to their presence, sort of like the spiritual gravity in the room increased. Anyway I call these two and I notice the shift but no one seems to show up. I ask a sopirit who is standing next to me if he senses them and he’s like “yep, they sure made things get heavy.” I then asked if they brought the indevidual I wanted to check on to which he said they did but I couldn’t interact with them since they seemed to be on a different wavelength for some reason.

They have to firm a new vehicle with the energues of the plane you are in order to manifest fully before you, otherwise you will be able to perceive them, but only due to the pressure the plane they are will exert over your plane.

I took years to kill an astral necromancer that had control over a piece of my personality, all because I couldnt reach its plane. Everytime he would press the button Id go insane, out of control in a state of pure mania. Everytime I tried to kill him there was that thing like jelly in the way, I could see him face to face but could not even touch him. Untill the day I found a doorway in my psyche that led to his plane, I simply grabbed his neck and crushed it as an empty insect shelll. So easy, so clear, hard to believe such a weak being had caused so much troubke for me.