Law of Certainty

Hi, i would like to ask how do you trigger this 'deep emotional states ’ that leave you without any doubt that ritual was succesful. I had this only 5 times throught entire year and I struggling what the keys is.
Usually in the ritual i have no emotion, just pure will. How to achive this emotional state?

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Ok i got you. I feel the same way after and during a ritual. However lets put this into some perspective. The feeling diesnt have to be deep and emotional. But you should feel that you have succeeded afterward. The feeling of victory, how you feel after passing an exam or after a day of work. Yiu feel good about it and yourself. Also a lot of it has to do with your mind set going into it also. If you go into your temple knowing the ritual will be successful and have faith in your abilities then you will succeed. If you let doubt into your mind, that is the only way to fail and to thwart a ritual in my opinion. Another dead give away is if afterward you feel drained or tired. That usually signals success. In this fatigue you will soon find yourself also abke to forget about the ritual.

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Could anybody add something from self aswell? The more opinions the better.

The Moment i decide to Perform a Ritual i ‘‘force myself’’ to put a Smile on my Face, i tell to myself that the reason why i have to smile is Because my Ritual is already succesful, i found that adding a Smile with some Conscious Mind Affirmation at the Moment you Decide to Perform a Ritual give Wonderful Effect, Also Before any Ritual, It is a Good Idea to write Why you are Performing this Ritual, For what Purpose, explaining how achieving this Ritual will make your Life Better and always when Writting it, write it in the Positive tense, and conclude your Writting by a Solid Affirmation such as, All is Accomplish ! etc.

You should see that by doing this, when you start the Ritual it will Flow better and Feel Better as well, When you Conclude the Ritual, write a Short note in your Magickal Journal About how Succesful your Ritual was and how well the Actual Ritual goes., and even if the Ritual seem to have ‘‘gone Wrong’’ usually it is more our own Mind that try to mess with us then the actual Ritual going wrong, even if sometime it can be the case or Both case.

Also when any Negative Emotion, or Doubt come into your mind about the Ritual you Performed, Change your Thought to a Positive Emotion, for Instance a Clear Picture of your Ritual succes, and Rejoice in it, this will transmute any Negative energy that would usually go against the well doing of your Ritual, into Positive and Empowering Energy.

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Thank you guys!