Law Enforcement & Black Magick

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It would be great if you guys could state which spirits/gods helped you the most in evading law enforcement & avoid persecution for a crime you may have done. Just to clarify, I have not committed a crime, incase you were wondering. It’s just that as a black magician the legality of man made laws feels obsolete & useless, but breaching of those laws also result in man made punishments which is just a waste of time & energy for the black magician whose required to do time. Fenrir is a spirit that I have been building a bond for some time, though he’s a spirit that does not care about the laws created by the state and one could end up being charged for murder if one were to immerse fully into his essence. Now obviously, it goes without saying that having a good attorney, lawyer & a thorough understanding of how the whole legal system works is crucial.

Let us say to continue the work, something illegal has to be done and it would be useful to form an alliance with a spirit or multiple spirits to assist the mage with his work and also evade or protect the sorcerer from law enforcement. From your own experience, which spirits have helped you tremendously in the area of law & crime?

Sorry if this whole thing sounds jumbled up!


There’s one from the goetia that caiters to thieves but I can’t remember his name

Eligos, help in causes with justice

Vine also helps to circumvent law


I would go with Piamon.

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Well, evading law enforcement is one way of not being persecuted for a crime, but, you know, so is creating more problems than they can deal with.

Raising hell is a lot more fun (seriously, don’t knock it till you try it) than dodging the book, though the latter is usually less risky.


Amen to that. I didn’t want to say that, but you nailed it.

Belial is a complete rockstar at this.


It also helps if the attorney also practices magick too!

yep look in the goetia. for the legal part Belial. for the cops idk maybe Beal, might be a little extreme but could be worth a shot if you really sick of those damn fish haha


Not going to qualify this, or add details. :wink:


Hmm I wonder why @Lady_Eva ? :thinking::sweat_smile:

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Belial, Baal possibly (helps one or ones work to be invisible).

The best way to hide, is not to.