Latest email, and exhaustion

I must say that after an evocation, the exhaustion was like a continuous wave over my head. I slept for nearly 2 days. I’m pumping up on B vitamins and making sure I exercise. It’s so true. This is an exhausting path.

Often for me the exaustion is very subtle. After an evocation I often think to myself “wow I am surprisingly fresh”, and a short while after, I am almost lying flat on my computer chair, and it’s the same the next day. But the worst thing about it for me is that my motivation to continue evoking the next few days are also exhausted somewhat. Which is the main reason why my progress is so slow… :frowning:

I suppose I should try exercising and take a few vitamins.

Thanks I think I may be undergoing this now yet in some ways it’s a rush but due to the increase of hours/=cash flow my ass is dragging now.

[quote=“gvgjbune”]When EA evoked Azazel, Azazel said to him, “before you called me, I did not exist.” This leads me to believe that it is, in fact, our life force that spirits feed from in order to perform our focused will.

[quote=“GypsySoul, post:3, topic:3522”]Thanks I think I may be undergoing this now yet in some ways it’s a rush but due to the increase of hours/=cash flow my ass is dragging now.[/quote][/quote]It’s the expending of psychic energy, which brings the entity into “existence” that causes the exhaustion, not the draining of life force. If you’ve ever done large amounts of creative or intellectual work for long periods, it can be more exhausting than physical labour.

I can assure you there is definitely no feeding process going on, unless you request that specific form of entity and interaction, of course. For me I view it much more as a pressure that exists when we move from our comfort zone into the states of being an evocation requires. The frequency of your day to day configuration is now forced into the frequency required for magickal operation, forcing the use of senses and currents you normally forgo while browsing the internet and eating your dinner. Remain in that state long enough and your whole “regular” system will start to have issues of consistency, which means that upon return you will need more rest and time to ground depending on how far you pushed the limit. This can be built up though, up to the point where it largely disappears in most moderate rituals and evocation, which is exactly why longer rituals can be very useful tools for attuning the mental and energetic bodies :slight_smile:

Not life force, attention. Everything requires your attention to exist. Although it could be argued they are one and the same.

When I’m exhausted, I can’t focus on anything for shit. If you guys are feeling burnt out afterwards, it might be because your attention is still tied up in whatever you summoned, sustaining it in this world while it does it’s thing.

Anyone know when that occurred?

Anyone know when that occurred?[/quote]

I think what it may come down to, as I look over these posts, is the time theses posts were made. I also think it throws off your sleep cycle. If your a person who has difficulty letting things go, I think you also get emotionally exhausted. In terms of the evocation of Azazel, this could have been in the book of Azazel or a video of the evocation. I’m not sure, however, I know my quote is accurate, it’s the source I’m unsure of at this time.

Anyone know when that occurred?[/quote]

Here ya go: “I Ask Azazel: Are You Real? He Answers” (08:53).

These are the words relevant to this bit:

“Every moment that you consider me I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop considering yourself, and you will cease to be. I have appeared to men as they have considered me, I taught them that which they were on the brink of learning themselves, I concatenated with their realisations, I would say that I have always existed as the Promethean Pandorean figure, because all time for me is present, however, I have not existed at all until this moment; but neither have you.”

That’s kind of covered in the block world theory where all time has already happened in a concrete way, the way we think all space is already just there, maybe expanding from the Big Bang but essentially stable on our level of experience - which of course it is not. IMO anyway, and also, ref: theoretical physics.

It’s neat stuff, the spacetime perception, and Azazel’s words fit perfectly into it.

That’s at 02:49 in, then Azazel gets into what can exist without being observed - if you haven’t seen it already Cusp, I think you’ll dig this particular video! :slight_smile:

If you’re having problems with exhaustion, wash your hands and face before and after with a mix of spring water, spiritual cologne (ie Siete Machos or Florida water), and liquor. Works like a charm.