Late Night Channeling With King Paimon - On The Mechanics/Nature Of Magick

Late Night Channeling With King Paimon On The Mechanics/Nature Of Magick.

"All is energy, all is spirit, even the most seemingly mundane matter around you. Energy condenses, changes, it rises and lowers in terms of frequency and vibration. It takes on mutations, alterations and branches off as what appears to be ‘different’ energy. When in actuality it is at its core, all the same. The energy which emanates from me is no way different to the energy within you or the energy of the pen your holding, or the paper you now write on.

Although it most certainly seems different, unique and even separate, this is nothing more than a lie, an illusion, a grand facade if you will. Oh yes the illusion is very persistent, remarkable even. A illusion nonetheless, see if all energy is the same you begin to determine it isn’t separate, all is oneness perceived as infinite separateness. Once the realisation is understood intellectually speaking, it is then to be experienced. Once the experience and realisation begins it’s wondrous entanglement, the infinite thread is revealed.

One observes what is considered as spirit, the divine and energy in their own unique way, through the gateway of the magickal imagination flows the current of true observation. Which is filtered, broken up and interfaces with you personally. You’re subjective experience of spiritual beings, worlds, realms or even just energy is indeed as real and as false as your mundane experiences of the physical world.

Some among you may share your views, vision and experience, whilst others may protest. Believing their different experience is the only truth, this is finite idiocy, for both hold merit and are true. As you are at one with the infinite field of energy you shall notice you and your life, mirrors the energy around you. Whilst all energy at its core is the same, the difference and change of the energy is due to the persistent illusion. If energy has been changed to ‘so called’ harmful and negative energy by the environment, by others or yourself.

Remember you have the power to change it, this has been unnecessarily overcomplicated in the years. No matter what method is employed it has the same mechanism. First is the intention, the very intent to change the energy, the second is observation for one should observe via any means that which they seek to change. Thirdly with prolonged intent and observation, connection to that energy can and should be made. Once intention, observation and connection align the next step should be done without, the hinderence of thought fueled by logic.

Simply see, feel and sense what one seeks the energy to become, enforce it by you’re will but do not force it for this must be free-flowing and natural. The energy shall change easily and in time you come to understand, one may not even have to look beyond the self. For when that energy changes before you, the energy within you mirrors it. One then attains the knowledge that all existence is inside and outside the self. It is internal, external, as within, so without as the ancients have echoed throughout the ages.

Once this realisation is attained one may glimpse for only moments at the face of God and see themselves. You are all, for all isn’t just energy, many say that ‘all is mind’, yet this is the same principle. So if one seeks to affect someone or something via sorcerous means, it must/should occur, happen, be felt and experienced within the self first. Via the basic means of intent, observation, and connection one can externalise that which they seek from within then into anyone and anything, or any situation. This has often been ritualised and that is fine, yet this can be also be stripped away completely, for sometimes I have marvelled at how this is often deemed to be too basic to your minds and so you tend to always make it more grandiose or mystical than it needs to be.

Magick Is simple, control one’s self and the self can control all, fir all is the self and the self is the all. This is key for I have seen man enter the circle and tirelessly try and fail, try and fail, over and over. For this man lacks self control, yet he seeks power and knowledge. One may only turn inward there lays the magick, the power, the knowledge and all the secrets. The only one who conceals it from you, is you. For you must remember all that happens is your doing and this is the hardest and harshest of truths for many.

The mechanics of magick, existence and the universe then are the same mechanics of the self. Go now sorcerer do you want to create all that you desire, simply do it then with this knowledge and the limitless potential within you, all shall be possible unto you".

  • The Wise & Mighty King Paimon.



Awesome post!

A synchronicity for me, I was just listening to a Alan Watts lecture where he described the illusion of division.


Thank you and that’s great, yeah couldn’t sleep and felt Paimon’s pull and I know he loves to talk :sweat_smile: but it became abundantly clear that this channeling wasn’t for me, but for many others and so I shared it with everyone accordingly :relieved:


It’s amazing how detailed you could get. You essentially wrote an essay when other magicians can’t channel a sentence. Great work Kendall


Thank you, yeah I’ve always found it very easy to channel ever since I died :sweat_smile: I suppose death and being brought back does that to you :joy:


Physical death? Psychological or spiritual?


It’s basically an allowance of the spirit to take over your physical functions.

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Dude… you were a baby…. That’s kinda a lifetime :thinking:

He died twice when he was a baby and toddler but had spiritual deaths too.

Psychically :sweat_smile:

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“All that happens is your doing” – this is so very true, as well as “this man lacks self-control yet he seeks power and knowledge”.

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@C.Kendall this is an amazing post. And certainly a synchronicity for me.

Thank you for sharing.

Hail King Paimon :crown::crown:


Something just clicked. Thank you for this :purple_heart:
Hail King Paimon! :purple_heart: