Last Candle for Belial tonight, what do you see?

I see a lion or cheetah running up a tree

I don’t know what you asked for or the intention of the candle, but I don’t see any animals or shapes but meanings.

Competition and indecision, some parasites close to you.

if I were you I would do it again.
I don’t use the same candle for multiple rituals even if they are for the same entity
I usually let it burn to the end after each ritual.

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it was more for connection, not really intention or request


As I gazed at the candle drippings, I got a sense of Belial, imo.
I also saw at the lower end what appears to be someone marching, a pair of eyes, and a hat like a papal crown.
His presence to me was that of royalty, authority, seriousness, and instructing. Sometimes near suffocating as well, like a very thick presence in the room.


wow, very specific. now that you’ve mentioned it. i got goosebumps lmao, i almost choked on my saliva…

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I dont think I like my interperatation but it reminded me of thisDoes The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion "Hold Up"? - The Punished Backlog

Oblivion logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

oooh whats this?

the oblivion gates from oblivion and the symbol of oblivion. It’s what I saw the second I saw the image but it might have been confirmation bias