Language & grammar of spells

Regarding spells / incantations in a different language, such as Hebrew, Greek, or Latin: how important is it to get the pronunciation and emphasis correct? For example I have a ancient Latin spell and I think I have translated it ok, but nothing has happened for over three months. My seminary training was in ancient Hebrew, not Latin.

I guess just a dumb question: why use an ancient language? Is there something that stops the entity from understanding us in our native language? Why is an ancient or foreign one needed?

I am still a newbie in all of this… So many questions at this point.

Thanks all
Wichita, KS

Having a spell in an ancient language is due to one of two things:
A…) The spell has been used for so long that those words have much power in and of themselves. Example: Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi. Greek banishing charge that translates to afar afar ye profane ones!
B.) It sounds better and puts you into a magical state of mind. Similar to the performance of magic in a room lit by candles. All about the mood.

But both of these reasons mean nothing unless the magician using the incantation has the proper will to direct it. You can make up a string of words of power, and if you can put in the force they’ll work.

Some “barbarous names” may not only facilitate contact, but also alter the state of the evocator.

eg. The GV prayer in preparation for the first ritual