Landlord raised rent , I need money and housing quick

This is what I was thinking as well. You may want to try connecting with Belial.
Belial is great at helping/making people change their minds suddenly.


If I were adept at this art I would perform a ritual on your behalf free of cost. I don’t know what it is but I never liked to see people suffer. I can’t help but try to help.

You said:

and have been having an undiagnosed chest pain as well

Did you take any if the COVID-19 vaccines?

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Well thank you , I have gotten a vaccine but my condition start well before that

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All I can really tell you is keep trying and don’t ever give up.

I wish you all the best of luck.

Hi @Goetic I took the liberty of editing your post. Please do not promote any ideology regarding the COVID vaccine. It stray too close to the forum’s no politics rule and is off topic to this thread.


OK. No problem.

Is there anyone here that is capable and willing to help OP or is recommending books and things he has already tried the best we can do?

He did say “idk I never seem to get results” so it’s not that he is not trying.

It seems pretty urgent so I’m just asking.

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Belial is great at helping/making people change their minds suddenly.

Have you ever personally used Belial to change someone’s mind suddenly? Could you briefly describe the experience(s) if so?

Well it’s to late for that paperwork has already been signed, its lottery or bust , or just keep my head on straight and find someway. I’ll be ok I guess.

Why is it “lottery or bust” though? You do realize that even the best magicians fail at winning the lottery right? Your money situation doesn’t require a lottery win to get out of. Focus your efforts on magick that is most probable. All you need is a few hundred/thousand dollars to keep you going, or perhaps a new place that is inexpensive like your current one

Have you tried any of the advice you were given?

@Uncle-Al stated that Naamah is great for material needs.

I have just performed a ritual today , before doing the ritual I made the seal of Malleable Reality wrapped it in black thread and currently have said seal in my shirt pocket. I’m not ready for na’amah I have the first few lines memorized. My “seeing” and “hearing” is shit, so is my prep work I know this. As I’ve said before in my post i can hear whispers sometimes but i can never hear them. I did quick cash fire today , I have tarot cards , not really mine or in my style but they are on hand. I’m not really experienced useing them but I do a 3 card burn one in between each card kind of reading and let’s see what it says. I feel good about doing "something " anyway but I need to do this reading and then move on with my day got some toys in from Amazon and eat and be a regular person for right now.

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Yes I know many have tried and it’s unrealistic, but if I ask for the money/lottery doesn’t mean some other Opportunity wont present itself , thank you for being real about , but send some positivity this way maybe??? I’m making attempts spiritually, like everyone says do the magic only way to get magic , so I tried today. I’m also doing hella overtime at work. I really dont have any other income than hourly wages, I’m trying to get something extra. In time I’ll get what I need I know because I have money , but I cant get to it for 18 months and mannnnnn that’s seems like a very very very long time now considering my current situation.

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Truth, the mystery, trust, in short be honest things are working , trust and have faith


Dunno why but for some reason I feel I gotta tell you to keep an eye out for a lost dog. So…if you go out for a walk keep an eye out for lost pets (like dogs) there’s always rewards for that.

True, that could very well be an opportunity.

So ok , I wake up today feeling better than I have been in a few weeks. I did ritual but I didn’t ask for health, well not directly. I want the money for a variety of reasons and with financial freedom, you have time to take care of yourself. But virtually no symptoms today, far cry for being " cured" but its something. Also I had some really really really f’up dreams, I was drunk( I dont drink anymore due to condition) and with some “younger” Hispanic girls (I’m white In mid 30’s) they were my guide’s i guess idk , we end up in a hotel room and then things got violent, and police were involved and i was i jail. Now in the past i was indeed a violent kid (9-14 years old) and unfortunately and totally ashamed i have in fact assaulted many people, but that is well under control, I’m a grown man, and in instance would I even consider assaulting someone unless my life was in danger. I think in the dream they were trying to rob me in my sleep in the dream or something. Idk man was ultra weird and plus I normally dont remember dreams. But like I said I feel great today and work people even said I good today like I ate my wheaties lol. I dont know

Master mind genius omg thanks for this tip.

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Worked with Belial after interviews to get the job. Worked every time…even in situations when I wasn’t the most qualified or the first choice.



So last night I had “visions” while I laid down , something is aware I’m reaching out I’m not sure what it is but i saw many faces and a golden face what i could only describe as a Greek god sort of and then purple swirls which i have seen before but this time i distinctly had the feeling that they were the dead. Idk I’ve never called on the dead directly as I know , and I’ve done a few “workings” other than what is in this post , but I put money in a certain investment last week and it has been skyrocketing not to the level i want but idk feels like it was meant to be. Idk who or what to thank but thank you for this first step whatever god/spirit/angel/demon you may be and I hope you reveal more of yourself so we can fully understand each other, and work further towards the goal all I did was hoodoo quick fire in regards to money , my other working have been unrelated to money but I wonder if those workings realize that money is also the key? Idk but this is my update and thanks wish I fully understood what is happening tho