Landlord Hassling me for covid rent

My landlord allowed my wife and I to move out, as we were not on a lease anymore. During covid we didn’t pay rent for three or four months and he said we’d figure it out later.

Now, it’s been almost six months and he hassles us almost every week. We are frustrated because he’s just being a slumlord / grease ball about the situation and we never signed anything, so he basically is making up numbers.

He says we owe him $2,400.

I made a poppet of him and speak into it every few days to keep planting a sense of alarm, warning to leave us alone, and keep telling him to forget about us… but today he emailed us again.

I have to pay hospital bills and will be getting surgery if I can afford it, I have other worries right now, and I didn’t get the stimulus. I’m locked down for quarantine right now, luckily my work is going to cover my days I miss.

I don’t know what to do… but my intuition says that I should bind him with a black binding spell, while doing money work. If that doesn’t help, I’m going to have to hurt him or atleast play dirty to get him out of my life.

I don’t want to, but he’s got to go

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Use this and nobody needs to get hurt:


Thank you

Look for mantras, of domination, ask pazuzu. For help get doll baptism and such pins likr heart attack etc

Well if you never signed anything then you have no reason to pay but for some reason i think thats a lie. If you did sign something you will most likely have to pay it in the future one way or another. Anyway onto what could help you. I suggest knot magick.

Basically you will tie him up in other duties or other activities. Heres what you do get some rope and tie knots while saying things like below.

Knot one my spell has begun
Knot two i know you.
Knot three you wont be free
Knot five youre busy as you stay alive
Knot six more on your plate i fix
Knot seven i send my requests to heaven
Knot eight you leave me alone at a steady rate.
Knot nine these activities ofyours do bind
Knot ten my spell hatches for lifes hen.

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Tell him the government says it should only be $600 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Honestly you are contradicting yourself here. You should probably consider that COVID has been hard on everyone, and he’s probably hassling you because he actually needs the money.

Honestly if I were you, I’d start with some energy work to manipulate his reaction and handling of the situation, followed by being an adult, owning the situation and apologizing and explaining you just don’t have it, after I did some money work rituals for him, and myself.

Then I’d negotiate a long term low payment plan with him, so thst I didn’t feel like a scumbag for bailing on a commitment I made, since it probably effects his livelihood as much as it does mine.


So he’s gonna get curse because you owe him months of back rent? he’s not the bad guy. he lets you stay for all those months hoping you figure something out while helping you delay rent payment for months. However, it’s been months so he’s in bad situation too. thats’ why he’s asking for the rent.


Both people are struggling here. Obviously. He’s stressing out cause of his surgery and bills. The landlords stressing out cause he needs the money that’s owed to him. By law with or without a contract it was a verbal contract and will hold up in court if the landlord takes it to small claims due to mail being delivered under the tenants name. Like others have suggested you can apply for covid renters help, set up a small payment plan, some money is better then none. Do money spells. :heart: Best of luck and only love.


I had unemployment at the time of the lockdown. We had money SAVED during the months we were not paying rent and he said verbatim “don’t worry about paying me, it will all work out, we can figure it out.”

We paid him $1,500 already during that time For previous months owed and then used up the rest of the money to move out. This was a slum with bed bugs infesting our apartment and bed, with drug addicted tenants below us who stole our license plate.

This is the kind of slum lord that lets a crackhead pay rent with mowing the lawn. We moved into a shithole and painted everything over and refurbished a lot of the apartment so it was even hospitable.

As soon as we were OUT of money, he changes his fucking tune and then, boom. He changes his tune and is nickel and diming us in hindsight. It’s too little, too late in my opinion.

I’ll do money spells and binding, because I take responsibility in it to a degree but not $2,400.


I understand what people are saying and will not be doing a curse, that would be stupid and imbalanced, but I cannot pay this money ontop of all my other bulls every single month now. He’s being a prick and he knows it, because none of the other tenants are even affluent or working.

We paid our lease and then stayed in the apartment for another, year paying month to month

  1. Money spell with a deity whose office is money matters.

  2. Use a spirit to Influence the guy to back off for a bit, tone it down & give you more time to come up with a way to pay. I understand he needs his money, but you can’t get blood from a stone…you don’t have it.

  3. Tell him to back off, you know you owe the money, stop harassing me & do it the right way, take it to court to get the money back. Courts are clogged & backed up due to the pandemic so it will be a while.

In any event, I understand the frustration and why you’d want to curse him, but you gotta understand his side as well. He could be a bit more tactful in trying to get what’s perceived to be owed, but he’s still entitled to get what is owed to him. Be it now or in the future.

Good luck.


As a leasing agent, I’m confused. You have a lease… but didn’t sign anything?


@Mephisto- That part I got, and I understand his landlord is just about harassing him, but I am still in the camp of do work to fix it then, but I felt like that got overlooked and trying to get out of it etc-when they replied anyways.

I just. Sometimes people want Hollywood miracles that aren’t doable- at least not easily unless you’ve got some experience, and if you had it, you don’t usually ask-but getting yourself out of a bad situation that you got yourself into, is doable if you manage it well with mundane and magical means.

Maybe escapism is the word I’m looking for. I don’t find that happens all that often for me, even with magic-I still end up accountable but the consequences can be lowered and made more manageable.

Yes well, that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying their share of the rent. Unemployment, trust funds etc.

Now before you say that should cover yours, I wouldn’t count on it. I’ve known many landlords whose rental income only paid the mortgage on the property, but for one reason or another they had to work it that way.

Maybe they really aren’t paying either, but I would assume that would be why he’s harassing you and probably all of them too- thusly do some money work for him too, and when he’s got some coming in, he’ll be more likely to go easy on you.

Good luck op, there’s good advice in this thread if you decide to get back on track :grinning:

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Not really. Its a collection attempt. If its been so long he’s actually lucky he wasn’t sent off for evictions or has a judgement placed on him.

I recognize the term month to month. That occurs at the behest of the tenant towards the end of the lease term, or automatically occurs when the tenant has not expressed their wishes in writing that they will vacate at end of term. Month to month usually being of a higher rate.

But he says that he paid out his lease? Which often implies that he paid his break fees in full. Unless he is misunderstanding is own situation which happens more often than not with move out charges in my experience.


I honestly assumed the same, but figured he’s so hard up on it’s not his fault, he just wants out of it- that why argue that. :woman_shrugging:t3:

hehe let a credit card go once, if you want to feel harassed by creditors. Trust me, they don’t stop calling daily for about 9 years, despite it being commonly believed it falls off your credit automatically at 7- it doesn’t actually begin accruing time for that, until they stop trying to collect it and write it off. Oh and they use services that change their phone numbers, so you can block 100s of numbers and still get the calls. <- I’ve had my share of exes. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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That’s understandable.

As for OP. I hate to break it to him but that isn’t how that works. Depending on the terms, when you signed your lease, which you keep contradicting whether or not you have, you stated that you understand you are fully responsible financially and otherwise for your home.

(Which I’m sorry but if your landlord is competent, he would’ve had you sign one. I’m not ignorant to the fact that people do things illegally in this industry either.)

Covid has been difficult for us all, but if you have dues and if they’re fair, own up to it. Just like you must abide by the lease, he has laws and customs to follow too.

So unfortunately, until you can clarify yourself he is justified by law to collect from you.

From what it sounds like he is trying to work out a settlement plan for you guys but you’re ignoring that and calling him out of his name for simply doing his job so he can keep his.

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And what I mean by that, is that he cannot ignore your balance if anyone else he leases to has one and is attempting to collect on that.

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So he allows someone with a major addiction, for whom all money is always feeding that adddiction, to keep a roof over their head by doing chores insread of holding them to paying cash?

That sounds saintly to me.