Lamia and Succubi (question)

I’m confused because somewhere on here I saw the two being referred to as similar or the same. Forgot which specifically it was.

However I figured they were two different types of beings? I’ve never seen a succubi appear as a Lamia, and aren’t their origins different?

Lamia are the half snake/serpent half woman type beings right? Succubi can shapeshift but they don’t naturally appear that way?

What class/species of spirit are Lamia, since I know succubi are demonic. Wouldn’t Lamia be more draconic or something snake like?

Am I wrong?

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You’re probably referring to a post I made a while back where I said my entity came to me in the form of a serpentine woman. This sparked my interest as well so I decided to do some research on the subject as well. Apparently Lamia are also considered “sex demons” according to Greek mythology. Here’s an interesting link I found on the topic:

I don’t know how true any of this is but I found it interesting either way:

Perhaps the most famous seductress of all time, Lilith is known as the mother of all Succubi. She appears in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Judaic, and Christian mythology.

Lilith (called “ lilitu ”) first appeared in Sumerian culture as a goddess of fertility and witchcraft. Later, the Assyrians and Babylonians associated her with dark demons. The Greeks gave Lilith (called “ lamia ”) an extensive backstory. She was a beautiful woman who Hera transformed into a monster, after her beauty attracted Zeus’s roving eye. In her new monstrous form, Lamia roamed the world, seducing men and eating babies.

Female sex-demons have been around since the dawn of folklore. They can be found in cultures all over the world; India has the “ yakshini ,” Arabia has the “ qarinha ,” Native Americans have the “ deer woman ,” China has the “ mogwai ,” and Greece has “ Lamia. ” It’s impossible to know which of these legends came first. Most likely, they all evolved separately around the same time.

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Yeah I think it was that post lol. Sparked my curiousity to. I also am in a relationship with a succubus so it was of personal interest as well.

My lady hasn’t appeared to me in this manner as of yet.

I did also noticed the reference between Lilith and Lamia as well as Lilitu. Which I find interesting if not for the fact that ALL the names start with L, and sound quite similar. They probably rhyme to.

Although I will admit that my ladies “body” energetically seems “long” like she’ll be next to me but I’ll feel her on top of me to as well as her tail (I’ve noticed she has a tail) by my feet. Which I find interesting. Shed have to be long and flexible to do all that.

Hmm Lilith is also linked to the whole “eating baby” stuff as well.

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The thing is, I never expected my entity to show up in that form since I didn’t specifically ask for a Lamia but I don’t mind it either, actually, the more I’m with her, the more I’m starting to like it.
I also found this article that mentions the Lamia in reference to Lilith:

I don’t think it’s a coincidence either. I think Lamia and succubi are definitely related and/or in the same or a similar category.

Has it ever felt like there’s a coiled snake grabbing your leg?

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Well hmm I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. Give me a minute, I’m gonna do a rough drawing to give you a better idea.

Maybe this is your experience to.

Okay the drawing is crappy but it gives you and idea of where I feel her energetically - not just on me but her “weight on the bed”.

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Obviously she has hands and arms, and a normal sized head/etc but she feels “long” like this.

Also when she feels “physical” her skin feels harder then human skin. But energetic. Still soft but not like human skin…

It’s weird I’ll feel her to my side, but on me as well and her lower half by my feet as well.

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Yeah, with me the weight is usually more in the legs and pelvis. My arms are sometimes free to move although there have been times when I’ve experienced a bit of chest tightness during sex with my succubus/lamia/whatever she may be. Often I’ll feel more pressure or weight on one leg rather than the other but I’ve had it often happen in both legs. The heaviness always starts in the legs for me, beginning with a sensation on my feet and moving it’s way up.


Yeah I tend to feel her weight more on my legs/waist but I’ll feel her sometimes on my upper torso as well. Although usually it’s her beside me but somehow on my lower half as well. I haven’t gotten my senses to where I can feel if she’s around one leg or both but this is what I’ve noticed.

Now this make me wonder if she has to position herself like this cause the beds to small, like if she layed just vertical like I do, she might not have enough room.

Idk how spirits and bed space work lol. Although I know she likes to have room besides me.

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So do you think succubi and lamia are synonyms or no? Like the same spirit?

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If a lot of succubi were actually lamia than it wouldn’t surprise me as to why so many people experience “pressure” when having sex with them since it could be a serpentine like constriction. When I saw her face I saw a serpentine like face with 4 horns. A bit like a horned viper but with a mix of human like and serpentine features.
Here’s my shitty drawing of what her face looked like (this doesn’t do her any justice).
lamia drawing

With that said, I’m not an expert on the subject. Paging @succupedia ?

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I’ve seen my lady in dreams a few times, although shes never appeared as half snake - she does have serpentine face like structure I’ve noticed and just that general “vibe”.

Then again she could have been appearing how I expected. Idk.

Hmm I do get alot of tarot cards with snake images when I do readings on her.

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I mean they are shape shifters, if she is a lamia she might be hiding it from you to an extent so as to not scare you?

I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you have a fetish for Lamia girls?
I never really had a fetish for Lamia until my succubus came to me in that form, now I love being with my snake gf. :wink:

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True, least within the dreams. I’ve always told her to be “natural” with me. Not to look how I want her to look, but look as she naturally is. And this is always how I feel and sorta see her energy.

Maybe she’s not appearing this way in dreams because she doesn’t feel comfortable with me “visually” seeing her like this or senses I might not react well (which isn’t true).

Also I’ve never felt individual “legs” for her when I’ve come into contact with her “lower half”. She seems to move as “one”.

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No I don’t have a fetish for lamia girls lol. This question only came up cause I did some reflecting after reading your post on your succubus appearing lamia like.

I just love my lady for who she is :slight_smile:

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How did you summon her? Did you do the letter method with Lilith?

Okay, I was just curious, I don’t doubt anything you say but I wanted to make sure that your girl might actually be a lamia and this isn’t just wish fulfillment, now I know that it might just not be my succubi who is also a serpent and now my curiosity has been further sparked and I want to know if others have had this experience.

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She’s been with me my whole life. I did not do any letter of intent.

It’s been more of I’ve had “activity” and felt a presence with me + dreams throughout my life and just recently reached out to her.

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Interesting. Have you tried entheogen work with your entity? That’s how I found out the serpent thing with mine.

Well also, hasn’t Lilith appeared to people as snake like? I know I’ve even seen pictures of her as half snake. The one with her and Eve.

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I’ve had bad experiences with any psychoactive drug. So I keep away from them.

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I’ve had Samael come to me as a serpent like creature but I haven’t had that happen with Lilith, although she is obviously associated with serpents so it wouldn’t surprise me.

Fair enough.

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