This post is to thank Lakshmi for her incredible help in matters of wealth.
I received a nice sum of money.
I recommend everybody to work with her and this post is a part of an offering to her.

Thank you.


How do u work with her??

She’s one of the matrons of my family and I agree her ability to manifest wealth is crazy.

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Yeah she has been one of my matron goddesses for over a decade.

She loves Pristine Cleanliness first and foremost.

She loves gold or very feminine and delicate jewelry.

She has an affinity for elephants (little statues on your altar).

She LOVES the color hot pink.

There are a lot more but these are just a few to get you started. Her energy is very soothing, welcoming, calming. I just lover her. She’s always sending me visions of elephants. And she, literally, spontaneously manifests whenever I do a FULL house cleaning. She absolutely loves cleanliness. She is excellent for manifesting money (that is her main jam).

She visits and hangs around her devotess whos homes are the cleanest first. A statue or drawing of her is a great addition to your altar. Also put out some fruit or a little pink trinket. You can never fail with a glass of water if that is all you have.

Om shreem maha Lakshmi swaha (repeat 108x)