Lake of Fire question

Is it possible to summon the four Gatekeepers without evoking them and ask that they open the Lake? I’m not able to do evocations currently, given that I’m not living alone and I’ve got nowhere to go so that I won’t be disturbed…

Can you find an outdoor location to do this?

I wouldn’t do it outside. I have a forest nearby but it’s more of a public park. People come there all the time, even during the night. I had to stop one of my rituals once, because my demon friend at the time (Seere) warned me that someone was coming. To check if he was right, I gathered all my stuff and waited there, smoking a cigarette. Someone came indeed.

I don’t know any abandoned buildings either. In all the buildings that are supposedly abandoned, people come too.

So is it possible to fall in the lake without evoking the kings, just calling them in your presence?

Few points I’d like to clarify, this is not a direct remark against you Elison, but just an overview of the trend I’ve been seeing:

  1. The Gatekeeper Ritual is NOT just something you go into without calling on all four Gatekeepers beforehand. THEY align everything for you, including the venue and the people involved. If the Gatekeepers aren’t aligning it for you then there’s no reason for you to actually even do the ritual. You should instead focus on doing evocations* and then go into Pacts with the Gatekeepers.

  2. If you can’t do evocations then how do you plan on opening the Lake of Fire? If you can’t pierce the Veil with your Vision then how do you plan on even knowing the Lake is open? If it was that easy to open the Lake of Fire why doesn’t every Neophyte just open it and become powerful? Cause they can’t.

  3. “So is it possible to fall in the lake without evoking the kings, just calling them in your presence?”

Well, no. According to the text that presents the ritual, you cannot. In order to open the Lake of Fire you must bring the Gatekeepers into OUR world. Solidly. This will create not only a torrential maelstrom from outside of the circle (which you step into), but also solidifies the changes occurring within the Adept**.

(EDIT: This is an addendum because I forgot to add it: Dante Abiel used his family as the flesh offering. He had his brother, cousin, son and wife act as the physical vessel for the Gatekeepers. This shows the intensity that is needed to enact true change. This isn’t a fly by night ritual that should be done with haste. Like I’ve said, the spirits guide it.)

  • You don’t need any space to do an evocation. You don’t need the tools or an altar. All you need is yourself and the sigil and name. The Rapture and Crossroads gets you to the spirit. The Circle doesn’t protect you. The triangle doesn’t stop the entity from harming you. Just do evocations.

** Notice my word usage and what it means in context of my post.

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I’m thinking that if you aren’t at a level where you can use magick to bring all of the resources needed for this ritual into your life, be it space, people, or what else, then you probably aren’t yet ready to perform the ritual.

Do as thou Will

Soundwave, I would agree, except for the context in which the ritual should take place. Azazel lined up all of the prerequisites for both Dante and EA without any command to. The rough draft came to Dante, his family overheard, they take part. EA is told to seek out certain people that have nothing to do with the ritual, they insist, place suddenly opens up for the ritual, etc. It’s done by the spirits, not the human. That’s what needs to happen for the Lake to truly open.

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Have you performed this ritual yet WP? Was the advice give above the product of a conversation with the gatekeepers?

I ask not to break your balls or anything, I’m genuinely interested if you have done so and what the effects have been.

I’ve been feeling drawn to this ritual for a while now and even had it suggested to me recently. Seems I can’t go a day without thinking about it, not sure if I’m ready for it but I feel a push I can’t explain almost like a need.

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I have not, I am currently working towards it though.

If you feel drawn towards the ritual then call up Azazel and ask about it, ask about how you can work towards it! You might actually be ready for it and Azazel will tell you.

Im still not clear as to the purpose of this ritual. I know that it damns you, but what exactly happens? Am I correct that it allows spiritual autonomy? Conscious immortality? I read BOA, but still confused about it. Can anyone explain it please?

Hopefully Tiberius James will pop in and give you his take on the ritual, he’d be able to explain it more in depth than I can.

As best I understand it and have had it explained to me it is a ritual of transmutation, you are damning yourself but not in the Christian sense. You are destroying the hope within and replacing it with faith in yourself and an independence from the existence you were allowing you to become more.

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