Ladybugs and Ancestors

Good day all!

This morning I was at my ancestor shrine, doing some ritual, and from behind one of the things on the shrine, out came a lady bug…which was very random.

I was wondering if anyone knows are there any cultures that associate lady bugs with ancestors or if there are any deities that are associated with ladybugs?

I read somewhere that Freya is associated with Ladybugs…is that true?

You have an ancestor shrine? That’s awesome o.o

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Yes I do. My foundational tradition is very heavy on Ancestral Veneration. We work with them on a regular basis.

I’d like something like that, however. Given my ancestors origins throughout history. I would except some “bad blood” but then again, there’s this one lady on YouTube who invites some of her ancestors onto her shrine and if there’s bad blood she will tell them to leave and keep the ones that can get along with each other.

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What is your ancestry?

And what lady on YouTube?

Different parts of Africa (northern East , southeast, west, central) Scandinavian countries/German, French, British, Irish, The Philippines, Portugal, India, Chinese, to name a few that’s been discovered in my family line lol


Hiya OP! I don’t know any cultures or names off the top of my head, but I feel like there’s a connection between the two powers. Maybe ask Ladybug (the original) about it, or see if any of your bloodline spirits are ladybugs? :slight_smile:

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Wow, that’s diverse! lol.

Don’t worry about “bad blood” we all have ancestors that were not great people. But we also all have ancestors who were spectacular people!

Connect with them and call for the ones who are well in spirit and let them guide you.

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That’s what I have to find out! lol

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It was on my ancestor shrine so that’s why I’m like…what does that mean for our family? lo

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Lol yeah I love the insane amount of diversity in my genetics.

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Lol. Yea that’s awesome. I’d say set you up a little ancestor altar, something simple and go from there.

Send me a PM if you need tips!