Lady Lilith and the spell she taught me

I’m still trying to learn lbrp so i’m still not able to banish lady lilith after i invoked her… After an episode of me getting scared shitless. I talked to her and asked for a compromise…
So i asked to to please not physically manifest herself again but i will listen to her if she speaks to me in my mind’s eye… And she taught me a spell and i need your opinion on it.
She told me that since my rage is too strong that it will be banefull if i use it… She said to start with a basic manipulation… She said to use her enn before i start the spell but i freaked out after saying it 3 times because her presence was too strong… She then instructed me to write my ex’es name on the candle and wipe it with menstrural blood as an offer to her…

Then she asked me to conjure up images of me fucking another man. She said she will show those images to my ex once he’s asleep to plant the seed of jealousy in him…

So what do you guys think about it?


That seems preety legit

She also said not to do another break up spell not until she says i’m ready… I need to channel my rage and to focus it so i’ll get the result that i want and not cause physical harm

I would listen to her then, she’s been around since the start of time she was Adam’s first wife so I think she would’ve done something like this thousands of times and she would’ve seen it all another thousand times so put your trust in her