Lady Jade (necro intro)

Hi, I’m new here. I’m going to sleep so I’ll just copy and paste my about me here and be back tomorrow.
My name is Jade and I’m a current 218 necromancer. I work heavily with the three Liber Falxifer grimoires (soon to be four). I’m from New Orleans so I was raised around voodoo and the occult (I am not a practioner of voodoo. I’ve just been exposed to it all my life. I don’t like when people claim to know voodoo when they don’t). I come from a background of traditional luciferian witchcraft and ceremonial magic, but my heart and soul is in necromancy. I’m devoted to the work of qayinite sorcery and current 218 necromancy.


I didn’t know there are currents in necromancy. I’ll research it, just out of curiosity.

Welcome to the forum, Jade.

Welcome to the forum


How long have you practiced your path?

Ty everyone! It is a pleasure to be here :slight_smile:
@DarkestKnight I’ve been practicing witchcraft my entire life. Witchcraft is in my blood. But I just recently became a necromancer. I discovered the liber falxifer grimoires and current 218 necromancy about 4 months ago. Since then I’ve completey thrown the rest of my craft out the window to devote myself entirely to necromancy and lord Qayin. I’m currently in the process of recreating my grimoire/book of shadows to accommodate my new life as a necromancer. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for the warm welcome guys :heart:


Hi Lady Jade,
Sounds interesting I think I will keep a eye open :slight_smile: & welcome to the forum