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So about Ladilock there is not much information on the forum i used the search buton and got not much results
Plus the users how said to work with her are no longer active :confused:
Any help information will be well recived

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Ladilok is a demoness form EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. Her specialty is dominating women to be sexual playthings for men. Her sigil is available on the forum.

What else do you need to know?


@DarkestKnight i would like to know if she can also bring you a woman who will be submissive to only you? And if her powers are used how powerful can it actually be like, to be able to work for months or just some few weeks?

She will dominate the mind of any woman, but like the powers of every demon that deals with sex, love and lust, the effects will vary greatly due to the many variables involved, such as the individual’s strength of will. Whenever you use a demon to control another for whatever reason, all the demon does is bring you the opportunity, but you still have to capitalize on it. I get the feeling Ladilok is more for the “wham, bam, thank you m’am” kind of thing rather than a long term relationship.

She will bring a woman for your use, period. But that does NOT mean the woman will be submissive to you in any way. That is a completely different thing.

It is a fallacy perpetuated by patriarchal religions that all women are submissive in nature, just like it is a fallacy that all men are dominant (most men have no idea what truly being dominant really means. It does not mean being an aggressive, abusive asshole.) and if you are looking for a d/s relationship, you better specify that.

As I stated above, the effect will vary greatly depending on the targeted individual, but it is more likely to be for a few days to a week, rather than months. Like I said, she brings women to be sexual toys, but actual relationships aren’t her thing so don’t call her expecting anything long term.


Does she also teach domination, like in spell casting? Can you perform evocation to visble appearance in the black mirror with KOF spirits? Because i think physical evocation would be much difficult. Can the black mirror be in the circle with you when communicating with the entity? Thanks

Evoke Her and you’ll get more informations than everyone could tell you!


Thanks @DarkestKnight for the elaborate and detailed answer !!

No. She does not.

Yes. You can use a black mirror for the evocation of any spirit.

Yes, that is its traditional place, upon the altar.

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Thank you for your time and the answers!!

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Thx all for the quick response
My plan was to use Dantalion for the long love part and Ladilock for lust and obey. ( a small layer love spell )

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


If some practicing “magicians” need help from a spirit to get laid then I’m speechless :scream:
And right now I’m laughing :joy::joy::joy::joy: tears of joy :joy::joy::joy:

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Mocking people for using spirits to help get sex shows a complete lack of knowledge on your part of the history of magical practice. Love, Lust, Wealth and Revenge are the oldest, most primal drives of mankind and thus have always been among the traditional uses for magick, even so called White magick.


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