Lactation using elemental meditation

I figured this would be the best place to put this. I recently became a mom to a beautiful bany boy. I wanted to produce more milk and had Instant success with this ritual I did after completely emptying my breasts. I thought I would share incase anyone else could make use of it. Within a few minutes of completion my breasts were dripping.

I used an image strongly associated with motherhood.
A green candle.
Sandlewood incense
And water.
I then filled the items with my intention of increasing production and focused on my feeling of love for my child. I repeated Mothers Milk fill my breasts, Love and life flow from my chest several times. I dipped my finger in the water and drew Berkana on both breasts.
As I said before my breasts were empty and then started dripping. I felt them get heavy and full. The items used were for their association with Earth and the Sea, sources of sustenance.


That is awesome! Great work! Congratulations.


Thank you! And good guess in the image. It’s a pretty popular one.


BIG congratulations on the babe, and the success! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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