Lacking Direction? No Magical Results? This May be Your Problem

This post was inspired by the plight of my best friend.

He’s somewhat ‘lost’ as I would put it. He has no direction, no motivation, and is going nowhere. He lives in a group home. He has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and is basically unable to care for himself responsibly.

His care-givers and counselors are attempting to help him better himself. He doesn’t see their help as actual help. Rather, he is rebelling against them.

Everyday he goes down town (downtown Vancouver) and just wanders around. His reasoning, he claims, is he’s an optimist and he feels one day something will happen that will change his life. I have told him numerous times that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. And that if he truly desires change he would MAKE it happen. That because he does nothing, he does not TRULY desire change.

Now, the point.

He knows what I do, what forces I am engaged with on a daily basis, and came to me for help. I told him to join me in my nightly ritual, on the night of the Full Moon.

Every night I perform the following, as part of a self-initiation curriculum I am following:

  1. The Fourfold Breath (Preparatory immersion meditation)
  2. Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
  3. Middle Pillar
  4. Neophyte Meditation

Following the Middle Pillar ritual, I performed an invocation of Belial. He came quickly and answered concisely. It was his answer that shed light upon all of this.

Me: Belial. BELIAL! Come. Hear me! Come unto me! Fill my circle with your might! Speak to me through my thoughts! Oh Lord Belial! Come and fill me with your wisdom!
Me: TRYING to say “I feel you… You are present!” - I could no longer speak at this point. So I silence my thoughts and listen in my mind.

Belial Speaks: The Boy is not ready. (Along with that message, I received telepathically that he was basically saying my friend isn’t ready for his assistance. That his presence would be more damaging than helpful at this time.)

I ask: What CAN he do then?

Belial Speaks: He must Work, he must determine his Will. (With this I received a vision of him sitting with his care-givers and counselors and coming up with a plan of action to go where he wants to go.

Basically, the point is because he has no REAL direction, and no motivation to turn either to the left or to the right… Nothing is working out for him because his desires are bland and without meaning.

It has come to my attention that a great many people who are not getting results are not getting results because they lack Direction and Will.

ALWAYS remember that Magick is a TOOL. It is a MEANS to an end. Not an end in itself.

If you’re seeking to develop clairvoyance simply to commune with spirits, you’re missing the point. If you’re trying time and time again to evoke a spirit simply to see it, you’re missing the point.

Have a definitive and clear goal, and the spiritual world will bend time and space to meet your desire.

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Great post - and yes I agree.

Maybe he doesn’t have that clarity of will because he doesn’t really BELIEVE any nice goals can be his, through his own efforts - so he relies on a lucky break, the last refuge of people who feel hopeless?

It sounds like the cards have been stacked against him from birth, and he must know that, so it’s possible that he doesn’t truly believe any of the good things he wants can be had through consistant effort. Just a thought… maybe that’s an area you could work on somehow to help him invest emotion in something.

Well said. I have considered what you have said and I believe that to be a large part of his present predicament.

But I also know he’s wallowing in the comfort of having everything taken care of for him.

There is this famous psych experiment whereby the kids who will resist eating one marshmallow, because they know if they do they’ll get more later, are considered to be the winners at life because they “delay gratification,” whereas the kids who ate the fucking marshmallow were losers.

What the experimenters failed to control for was, that a lot of kids CANNOT trust the adults in their lives not to lie, etc., so the kids who ate it maybe were as rational as the delayed gratification ones, but just had a different life experience.

Factor that in - please - my adults stole from me, lied to me, I’d have eaten that fucking marshmallow, but not because I couldn’t help MY self - because I couldn’t help THEM. :slight_smile:

He may be used to being taken care of, but does he even believe that taking care of himself is a viable and desirable option?

That it WON’T be fucked up for him, by powerful outside forces?

Has he ever experienced goal-striving in a way that wasn’t about painful survival, in the face of failure by the adults in his life?

Just asking, I don’t know shit about this guy, but I know a LOT about failed families, bad parenting, etc. :slight_smile: